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Albert Corey ringing in the 2022 Tax Season on Expert Talk [email protected]

Most small businesses die before their tenth anniversary. But Albert Corey, of Corey & Associates, is about to celebrate his 40th anniversary as a successful business owner. As an accountant, Albert developed the Million Dollar Secrets System to consistently make over seven figures. His system uses simple marketing and accounting methods to increase business cash flow. Albert Corey speaks on national business stages, showing you how to 10x your income using less time and resources to write your ticket to achieving your dreams. In his Amazon bestselling book, Increase Cash Flow While Drinking Coffee, MR. COREY teaches you how to increase your business’s cash flow in just 10 minutes a day. Even though he seems to always be on the job, when he's not working, you can find Albert Corey at Disney World trading pins.

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me. And it's a new year. It's:

what does January mean? Well, credit card bills from December, but on top of that it's tax time. So I called my buddy Albert Corey to come in here and talk to us because why he's the tax man? That's who you talk to. So sit right there. We'll be right back. Expert Talk is sponsored by PodNation TV, the podcast to broadcast network.

Hey Albert are you out there? Yes, sir. From sunny, Miami, Florida. Okay. You had to throw that in there. Really? Really? Mr. Sitting by the pool, working on your business. Really? Yes. How was the weather was glad to get it out the way. How is the weather? It's kinda cold today? It's like 75, 74.

Albert. Don't make me cut you off of this show like that 74. And you're calling it cold. Okay. Nevermind. Nevermind. Okay. I brought you on because you're my buddy. I've met you in all kinds of events. I run into the tax man all the time and you are a tax expert and it's January. We have to worry about these things called taxes.

What's the first couple of tips you would tell somebody that they need to get ready for their taxes for their small business. One don't go out and do your own bookkeeping. Hire somebody. They'll get it done because by the time it takes for you to do it, I guarantee you you'll make more money. By the time you spend the five hours, it takes you to do it for the whole year.

n pay us, go to Albert Corey @:

By the time it takes for you to go and get in QuickBooks and enter it, you probably could have made more Ching Ching. And bling-bling at the same time. So hire somebody to do it so you can make more money. Okay? Okay. I hear you now. You've been doing this for what? Three, four years.

30 years. Right? And this starts our 39th year. Wow. Wow. Wow. That's amazing. I mean, I know that you help people all over the country with their taxes and their small businesses, but you are an author. You're a public speaker. You're a Disney expert. We got to get into that, but I've got to ask you,

what do you mean increased cashflow while drinking coffee? What does that mean? Simple. Here's my book. By the way, you can go to Albert C tap, sorry. Using all the You can get your copy on Amazon, but if you want even a better, extra special copy, if you text tax man at 2 6, 7, 8, 6, not only will you get my book,

but you're going to get my 36 top tips in line on your tax return and how to build your business. But basically what Happened again? Texts, what? Texts tax man to 2 6, 7, 8, 6. All right. I got to write that down. Hopefully I producers writing that down. Cause I want all the tips to, Hey, it's not just my show.

I need help as well. So what happened, how that came about is about three or four years ago. Once the season starts to come there, by the way, they already took away my cell phone because once we started for the season, I get busy and my teammates, I want everybody who want me are texting me or put me on messenger.

Y'all want me to focus on everybody, walking into the store. So to take away my cell phone. Well, anybody who follows me in Facebook and Instagram, you know, part of my marketing increase your cash flow by drinking. Coffee is every day at about six, between 6:30 and about an 8:30, depending on when I'm waking up, I'm sitting there while I'm drinking my coffee.

I am, I'm pretty much doing my social media for the day, which takes about 10 minutes. Okay. And it's building my business. And now the world knows me as an expert because on Facebook, Instagram, even Tik TOK, I figured out is I'm giving everybody tips and secrets, how to say money on tax returns and how to build your business.

eople may be watching this in:

What should Yeah, what would there need to do is go out and make a list of all their expenses and what they deposited. by the way, Theresa, can I tell you another little secret that people are going to get whacked on already? Everybody who used cash app what's on the Zelle. Guess what? The IRS is going to start to whack you.

Everybody. As of:

I already got three calls today. Oh, Albert. I heard that Zelle. I said, yeah, they're going to talk to you. It's like a credit card. Wow. Wow. So what about these people that are out that are using PayPal? You know, that PayPal, PayPal has been doing that for years. See PayPal, they've always whacked Paypal at the end of the day.

e been part of the, you get a:

So what, the people that are working from home, they're calling it a hobby. You know, they just started picking up some side work while they were off, you know, they were working home. Okay. Here's the trick on that. I'm going to tell you that if it's a first of all, if you're doing music or anything like that,

I'm going to tell you open up a corporation because what really starts to happen, everybody is if you start having more than seven, $8,000 losses now IRS audit system, you know, somebody in IRS could click a button and say, okay, anybody who has over $4,000 in card expenses, show me your invoices. But then that goes on a schedule C the IRS is pretty much geared to go after people who are schedule C personal returns.

If you would open up a corporation, then it doesn't show up on an LLC. There's even more to that because everybody's smarter than me. So they open up an LLC and they're a sole member, hint, hint, guys. So member LLC goes back to your personal return. You're reading too much shit on the internet. You need to go make stuff as companies guys.

So the government doesn't whack you. So what's your specialty. What do you specialize in? Are you mainly small business Specializing in getting people for money back? But my big thing in life is in the end. I'm a small business Mack daddy. You know that you could probably go to turbo tax and do those, W2 forms, and EZ shit. Sorry. I shouldn't say it that way,

but I'll guarantee you when it comes to doing small business stuff, I like the Michael Jordan and not well, there's nobody better than that. When it comes to that, whether it's true, whether it's using Crypto, K1, you named the business from kitty actors to lizard ranchers and everything in between. I've done, been, done, scene. And that that's what makes me to killer business coach,

because I've already seen, you can tell me a business and I'll guarantee you I've done a return. Oh my goodness. Well, you know, our, time's almost up our wonderful producers put up the one minute warning, which means he's going to cut me off soon. Let's give them a website again or where they can reach you. And I hope you'll come back regularly,

but we need to know more from the Taxman. You can get a bunch of free gifts by texting tax man at 2 6, 7, 8, 6 that's tax man 2, 6 7, 8, 6. If you want to get my book directly go to But I would tell everybody to go to the text tax man to 2 6, 7, 8, 6, you get a, you'll get a way to get my copy of my book.

You're going to get ways to save money on your tax return and ways to build your business with no less tech and stress. I thank you, Mr. Taxman, and my friend Albert. I hope you'll come back again because I always learn so much when the tax mans around. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. No thank you for having me.

And by the way, that's one of the tips and increase your cashflow is you got to go to events. We ran into her twice this year, three times. So one of the tips, if you go to That is one of the tips is you got to go to events. When you go to the events, you're going to be cool people.

That's going to take your business to the next level. This is so true and of course, Allen has to cut me off. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you'll come back next time. And as always, I'm TGo, I'll talk to you next time. Really Allen? Really, it's the new year you couldn't give us 30 extra seconds.

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