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Episode 8

Dr. James Dentley on Network Brocasting and JD3TV on Expert Talk [email protected]

http://ExpertTalk.fm ~ Over the past 38 years, Dr. James Dentley has studied and focused on Human and Technology trends. He has been able to be ahead of the curve on technology trends. He has developed a variety of talks that will benefit the staff, customers, vendors, and the corporation. His style is engaging, energizing, thought-provoking and most importantly; his programs are relevant to all attendees. This allows the attendees to have action steps immediately after the event. He understands that “concepts remain constant, and techniques change”. He also knows that your best concepts and ideas of five years ago, are your excess baggage today. He has a unique style and ability to deliver a powerful, insightful, relevant, engaging program that will impact your audience every time. He will strive to make your event a huge success. His keynote presentations on change management and disruptive innovation are invaluable in today’s post Covid19 chaotic times. Many of his attendees rave that his presentation will resonate more with your audience. #ExpertTalkWithTGo #ExpertTalkXtra #TalkShow #PodcastToBroadcast #TheresaGoss #ExpertTalkFM #Roku #Pandora #iHeartRADIO #PodNationTV #talkshowtv #talkshowonline #talkshowhost #podcast #motivation #broadcast #listennow #entrepreneur #marketing #TGoTV #9at9 #FastFunInformative #LightsCamerasTakeAction

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