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Dr. Kyrin Dunston shares the hidden causes of midlife weight Expert Talk [email protected]

Dr. Kyrin lost a life-changing 100 lbs. and fixed her adrenal fatigue. A pioneer of female hormonal justice, Dr. Kyrin founded the Midlife Metabolism Institute and The Hormone Club, to provide women of every age access to hormonal freedom regardless of their location. Dr. Kyrin has been featured on CBS, NBC, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, First for Woman, Best Self & More. She’s your midlife metabolic ninja who will show you the steps to take to unleash your best health yet.

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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know what time it is? It's 9:00 AM. So that means we're doing the [email protected] with me TGo. And today we're going to talk with Dr. Kyrin Dunston. Now, Dr. Kyrin she's got secrets for somebody like me just happens to be going through this thing called menopause. And she's going to tell us about this fatigue and how we can feel better and move and

maybe get this weight off. Hey doc, are you out there? Yes. Hey, TGo I'm here. It's so great to be here. It's so fantastic for you to be here. I mean, we've been trying to do this. We've had to reschedule. We've been running around you and I met in a group together called Two Comma, and it's like Doc come

on my show. Wait Doc, we don't have internet. Wait Doc come on my show. And here we are, we made it happen. Here we are. One. I want to say, you know, I'm know you've heard it a thousand times, but congratulations on, you know, dropping, losing. I know, you know, where it went a hundred pounds. That is not an easy thing to do.

Well, it actually can be easy if you know, have the right information and the right guidance. It really shouldn't be that hard. And I know people listening are like, what is she talking about? It really shouldn't be. It's just that you think that weight loss, especially for women after midlife is a math problem. You think it's about calories in minus calories out,

and it's not. That's the secret. It's a communication problem. And it's a hormone communication problem because your hormones are your regulators and your communicators. And so it's a hormone imbalance problem. And this is why weight problems are highest in women at midlife. And beyond 60% of us, by the time we hit 50 are overweight or obese, it's because of hormone imbalances.

So when you have the right information, losing a hundred pounds is not a big deal. Okay. Now that's great. Fantastic news. Now my question is, you know, we go up, we go down, we go up and I'm talking about myself, go up, go down, go up, lose a hundred pounds, keeping it off. Will that happen to,

can you keep it off? Absolutely. Right. So once you know the language of hormones and you know how to speak hormone, most people, most doctors don't know how to speak hormone. You then speak that language all the time. And so getting it off, isn't that big a deal and keeping it off. Isn't it's, it's actually pretty simple.

So know how to speak this language. Are you teaching people? Do you have group? How do people, you know, get to Dr. Karen? Now that she's got the secret? Yes. That's what I do. I teach people how to do this. I have actually a webinar coming up tonight, teaching women over 40, how enlightened women over 40 lose weight,

regain energy without counting calories and exercising because it's not a math problem and balance their hormones. So I have a free training tonight coming up that they can sign up for at MidLifeMetabolismInstitute.com. And I have group programs where I teach women how to do exactly what I did to lose a hundred pounds and keep it off for over 10 years. Okay. Let's give them that website one more time because somebody is driving and they're trying to figure out how to pull over and okay,

one more time. It's Midlife. Cause that's where the stuff hits the fan for us. Ladies is that midlife, midlife and it's Metabolism. Cause what is your weight and energy about your metabolism? Your metabolic rate is tanked. You need to get it back up to gear and then it's Institute. So it's MidLife ,Metabolism, Institute, and I'm going to teach you what you need to know about the language of hormones so that you can balance them,

which equals lose weight, regain energy, have great hair, great sex drive. Feel amazing in your own skin again, who wouldn't want that. And I'm going to give you all those tools. Okay. So I know your specialty would, you know, you went to school for, and your, your path, your chosen path is OB GYN, right?

Right. Well, what made you take kind of the exit road or the side road and get into all of, you know, metabolism and, and female health on the, on the nutrition side and weight loss side and all of that. How did you get it? Well, I, through pain, of course I weighed 243 pounds. I had chronic fatigue,

so I either was sleeping or at work, even though I was a wife and a mom, I really didn't participate in my family's life because I didn't have the energy. I had depression and anxiety. I had irritable bowel gastritis. I looked and felt 20 years older than I was and everything I was taught in medical school and my OB GYN training. And over 10 years,

delivering thousands of babies and doing pap smears and all the things that we do for women's health. Didn't give me the knowledge or tools to lose the weight and figure out what was wrong. And I started banging my head up against the wall, thinking what's wrong with me. I'm supposed to know about more about women's health than anyone else. And clearly I'm not healthy.

And then it sent me on this journey of realizing we're missing something in medicine and what are we missing? And so I found what we were missing and it was the language of hormones. And so when I discovered that and I started using it on myself, the weight started coming off. I'll say pretty easily energy started coming back, hair, regrown, sex drive back gut healed off all prescription medications.

healthy. And so I had to, in:

a newborn baby into this world, but not everyone can deliver a woman back to herself. And so I am still a midwife of sorts. I'm just a midlife midwife, for Women. I love that. I loved it. Okay. I know you're back east and we're out here in Las Vegas and we are, we touch all over the world with the show. Right?

Somebody is going I'm in Spain, I'm in Texas. I'm in LA. You know, can I talk to Dr. Kyrin, could Dr. Kyrin help me? So you have programs that they can do virtually, correct? Yes. I have people all over the world who I work with and I've created programs. I did the stop, the menopause madness summit.

Last November. We had people from every corner of the earth participate. We had 63 experts. And we're actually thinking about running a replay with added bonuses of that in November. So stay tuned for that sign up for my email list, if you are interested in that. But yeah, I do everything virtually, which is amazing so that women everywhere can benefit from this,

You know, grumpy Allen's over there. And he's got that two minute timer up. Nope, he's got the one minute timer up there. So let's tell them the website one more time. And we definitely got to have you on and do a full interview. Yes, it's Midlife. Cause you're at Midlife. That's when the stuff hits the fan. And it's about your Metabolism,

which is your weight and your energy and it's the Institute. So it's MidlifeMetabolismInstitute.com. And if you want to get on my email list, sign up for it. Even if you can't attend live, we will send you a replay and you'll be in my community. And then we will let you know when the stop, the menopause madness summit re airs with bonuses.

I have so many amazing resources for you. You'll get my diet deceptive dozen and my lean 15 and the food you're eating that you think are healthy. That aren't, I'm going to tell you which ones to get out of your diet now. That's fantastic. Dr. Kyrin, I appreciate you. Your webinar is today. So you guys are watching it live.


I hope you'll come back next time. And as always I'm TGo, I'll talk to you next time. Bye Bye thanks for watching.

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