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Episode 26

Eddie Fluellen brings the Playground...

Some of my best childhood memories come from hanging out on the Playground. But this show isn't about basketball or swings... Nope, nobody is running around the track. This show is all about the PLAYERS! Musicians that made all of our legendary concert memories possible. From gospel to R&B, from Classic Rock to Country and everything in between they all have one thing in common... Amazing Musicians! Eddie has invited his extraordinarily talented friends to his "musical playground" to share this journeys, memories, talents and skills. On this episode of Expert Talk Eddie shares with TGo the current news from "The Playground" and what's coming up next... The Playground where the Players Play! #ExpertTalkWithTGo #ExpertTalkXtra #TalkShow #Playground #WhereThePlayersPlay #LightsCamerasTakeAction

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