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Episode 6

Get ready to Monetize Your Podcast with Evans Putman on Expert Talk [email protected]!

Evans Putman is a coach, consultant and best-selling author who helps individuals and change-making entrepreneurs with big, positive missions monetize their messages and build profitable, scalable dream client businesses that change lives.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are in the 9 @ 9 on Expert. Talk with me TGo and you know, we have to race to the nine minutes because nine minutes after nine, because our business partner and producer Allen, he cuts us off no matter what the heck we're talking about. So we got to get through it.

So I'm going to welcome the guests right now. If you guys want to know about podcasts, you want to know about how to monetize your podcast. You're in the right spot because my buddy Evans Putman is right here. Hey Evans. Hey. Hey, I'm excited to be here. TGo thanks for having me. I'm excited to have you, man.

This is going to be awesome. And you are the experts expert because you're my expert on how the heck do we make money with these crazy things called podcasts, correct? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. So what's going on with you, man? I mean, you were on the show before, so anybody wants to see the full Evans kind of documentary.

Tell a story, go look at the other episode. But today we're going to kind of talk about hot topics and things that are going on and how things are changing and all that good stuff. So we're coming through COVID we won't say out of it, we're coming through COVID lot of people are going back in studio. A lot of people are going back to work.

What does this mean for podcasts? Well, it's been a great season for podcast. Actually. I know a lot of people have had a rough time to COVID, but what it's done is actually introduced a lot of new people to podcasts and helped a lot of entrepreneurs, launch podcasts with a lot of momentum. So we're seeing nothing's slowing down, just so many new things,

the new, you know, Facebook's getting involved with podcasts. Now, Spotify just released greenroom, which is their version of clubhouse, but it's a little bit more podcasts are friendly because you can record the conversations. And there's a lot of new tools and a lot of new strategies and technologies out there that have sort of been birthed over the last year. So I just don't see anything slowing down.

In fact, it seems to be speeding up and now is the time to jump into podcasting if you haven't and if you are already podcasting and you're not building your business from podcasting, then definitely you want to look at that too. And that's, that's one thing that we've really been inundated with. Michelle Abraham, my partner who runs the amazing podcasting agency Amplify You together.

We formed my podcast Coach and we've noticed that we've had a lot of people coming to us where their businesses have been disconnected from their podcast and they want to bring the two together. So we've done a lot of relaunches with monetization and growth strategies tacked onto the relaunches. And that's really where a lot of our business is coming from now. Wow. Okay.

See, now I know there are people out there going, you're talking my language because a lot of people did start podcasts when they were just getting going, you know what I mean? Or they started podcasts where they were stuck in the house and they said, okay, I did this now they're going back to work. They're going back to their offices or going back to the business.

And they're thinking they're two different worlds. They're like, ah, the podcast was a hobby. Now I need to go back to work. Not realizing that this is a vehicle to monetize their business because they're putting their own word out there. Right? Exactly. And a lot of entrepreneurs, the frustration that we're seeing is one they're struggling to grow their audience,

which is always one of the biggest issues. And two, they're struggling to figure out how do I take somebody from a bystander to a listener, to a lead to a client or a customer. And that's where we've been coming in and really doing a lot of these relaunches because we get so many of, and when I say relaunch, I'm not talking about starting over from scratch.

It's really taking everything. Yeah. Everything you've built on, right. Everything you've already done and gotten some momentum with just making a few tweaks here or there, getting it back out into the world with some more excitement and some more buildup behind it to help you shoot up the charts and then also to help grow your audience. But it's really a relaunch with the growth and monetization strategy that fits with what you're trying to do with your business.

That doesn't fit with something that you're like, well, I've heard I could do it this way. So I just better do it that way. No, like what fits with your lifestyle and your business? What do you, what are you trying to accomplish on the back end? That's how we build your monetization and growth strategy around because we want you to be successful and not just feel like,

oh, I have to do it this way because it's what I heard from somebody else. Cause there's, there's a lot of different ways to, you know, to, to make the money from your podcast. So let's find something that works for you. All right. So let's talk about that. But before we do, and just in case you get cut off because our buddy Sean got cut off right before he told the website.

Okay. So before you do that, let's tell people where to find you. Yeah, definitely good to I saw it right on there and you can actually book a strategy call with me and I won't, it's not, I won't be on there pitching you left and right. I'll actually give you, I pride myself on giving you at least one thing.

That's going to give you some real actionable momentum in your business with your podcast when you do that. So go there and book it and we'll have a good time getting to know each other. Awesome. Okay. Now we got like four minutes. So can you give us two or three tips on how the heck do we monetize something like a podcast? Yeah.

It's not as difficult as we think it is one. You want to look at your business model and figure out, okay, what is it that I actually want to accomplish? Right. So what is it that I want this podcast to do? Some people just want the podcast for branding for visibility, but the majority of entrepreneurs, I know that we work with,

want to have some way of monetizing it. So I try to tell everybody, let's take it one step at a time. Let's figure out one ideal person, your one ideal listener client. One way to capture that person, to move them from a listener to a lead. And then one core offer that can get them a big result and move them to that transformation.

So we look at it more as a transformation for your client rather than the transaction. And one thing so many people try to do is jump all the way, like Evil Knievel over that snake canyon. And I don't think he made it. It was a long time ago when I was a little kid, but I don't think he made it, but we want to take people one step at a time,

right. A few times. But we're a little older than you. He made it a few times. You also woke up with every bone in his body, but go ahead. But yeah, you want to take people one step at a time, right? It's not like we don't sell. We actually do a process called selling without selling the reciprocity process.

Right? So it's the, it basically what you do is you actually serve then sell, then scale your business. And it's the best way to do it because it builds. Trust, builds momentum and get you your dream clients. That's really cool. Now you said, listen, a couple of times we're doing watch right now. You know, people say,

well, if you're watching, it's not a podcast. Do you feel We love it. We got a lot of people getting ready to do streaming too as well with somebody. I know that I'm looking at right now. So it's a lot of cool things happening for sure. This man is talking about PodNation, that's what he's talking about. Yeah, man. PodNation.TV.

We were about to have some fun. Let's take them out there. Okay. Right-fit client, serve, sell without selling. How important is your brand meet, matching your online streaming brand, matching your business brand? Yes. You want that congruency? Definitely all the way through everything you do from your, your branding to your messaging and to the outcomes that you deliver.

Right? So that's what we focus on in the reciprocity selling and scaling method. For sure. It's about building remarkable relationships with your dream clients. See, we did it. I'm telling you, he's going to cut us off in just a second. I'm going to say, thanks for being on the show Evans, We beat Allen, today we need a gong or something.

Really? Allen, you just had to cut me off. Right? Hey Evan you're the best man. I love ya, tell Michele I said what's up. Everybody. Thanks for listening. Make sure you're here Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 AM for the 9 @ 9 and as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to you next time. Bye. Bye.

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