Jennifer Hammond gives her update on Real Estate in 2022 on Expert Talk 9@9 - Expert Talk with TGo

Episode 5

Jennifer Hammond gives her update on Real Estate in 2022 on Expert Talk [email protected]

Jennifer Hammond gives her update on Real Estate in 2022 on Expert Talk [email protected]

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are Expert Talk, or as I like to call it the nine at nine with me TGo. And today we're talking about real estate. We're talking about what's going on in the market. We've got our good friend, Jennifer Hammond coming up. So sit right there. We'll be right back.

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We look forward to working with you. Hey, as you guys know, I'm in Las Vegas and the real estate market has been bananas. It hasn't mattered that we were shut down and we were fully open. People are doing virtual tours. Houses are getting five and six and 10 and 11 offers. It's absolutely nuts. So I thought we got to get our real estate expert on,

and she's going to tell us what the heck is going on in the market. Jennifer Hammond, are you out there? I'm so excited to see you. I should introduce you as the Yay lady. Cause that's what we know you are, the Yay lady! How are you in this new year? I mean, you're, you're sitting in heaven, I'm looking at this water behind you.

And I just want to go fishing. It's Florida. Of course you should come fishing in Florida. You know, we still have absolutely beautiful weather in Florida, which I think is why so many people keep moving down here. This place is amazing. And I grew up in key west. So I'm an island girl. I'm used to having beautiful sunsets, beautiful sunrises.

And of course, incredible Homes. We all love incredible homes and waterfront, which is why I wanted to come and be by the water to do this interview with you and just share this incredible feeling of being by the water, how wonderful it feels, whether it's the middle of January or when it is. It's just an incredible time to be here. Yeah.

There's some people in like Colorado or my hometown, Chicago that are not loving us right now because in January it is definitely not sit by the water weather. I'm just going to put that out there. So before we get the hate mail, let's talk about this market thing, because if you're in Florida, it's gotta be as crazy as Vegas, right?

It is. It's crazy. And people are putting multiple offers for sure. But I will tell you the sign of the times is that we're starting to see price reduced price, reduced price reduced. And it's not the whole market yet, but you're going to see a shift, a change. I wouldn't say a shift and a change. That's a change.

You're going to see a shift in the market this year. It's going to change in a lot of ways and each market's going to be different. So you want to make sure you're talking to your real estate professional, whoever that is in your market, it's really important to understand what's happening and what are the nuances. And so one of the first things you want to see is how many times are you seeing price reductions?

That's one of the big indicators that there is a shift in the happening in the market. And this is a great time to be a seller. It's not such a fun time to be a buyer. Oh, oh, oh, okay. But if there's price reductions, wouldn't it start shifting towards a buyer. I mean, that means there's too many products out there,

right? Isn't that why they started doing price reductions? Well, the thing is, is it started if people started to get little bit like a little extra happy about their price. And so it kept going up and up and up and up, but you know, you can't continue to keep going up at some point, the price has to come down because if the price doesn't come down,

guess what? First time home buyers can not get in the market. And then again, nobody can move up. So even the person who's the first time seller wants to go to the next place. None of that matters if they can't actually get out of their place because nobody wants to buy it. So you can only go so high with your price.

You have to remember we're all tied together. Okay. So if you're selling, it's still a good time to sell will be kind. When it comes to the pricing, you can't lose your mind. Is that across the country or is that in hot markets like Nevada and Florida, you know, in California, It's across the it's across the United States all over the United States.

The biggest difference though, to know is in smaller markets, you might not see it like the changes starting in the hot, hot markets. You can see the change right away. It is so apparent so fast, whereas in a market where it's like a smaller town or something, you don't might not see it as fast. So just keep your, you know,

your ear to the market, keep an eye on what's going on and talk to the real estate professional in your area. Because one of the things that's most amazing is we know weekend and week out, we're looking at the statistics, how many things have there had an offer put on it? How many things has it gone all the way past all of the contingencies.

And then how many things have actually gone to closing past that finish line. And that is it's very big indicators to what's going to happen in a market end. What's already kind of even looking back 30 days to see what were people making decisions about 30 days ago, like back in December when it was Burrr in the middle of the holiday season, what were they thinking about?

That's different. Yeah. They were thinking about the new year thinking they were going to sell their house like this. And then here comes Jennifer Hammond saying, you might want to be realistic about your price. So if you're selling or if you're buying in this market, how do you pick the right real estate agent? Because in Vegas, there's tons of them.

You don't know who to pick and what questions to ask. So, you know, one of my free resources that I love to give away, and I know you have a wonderful link to this is asked 17 questions. Do you want to interview a real estate agent? And there are 17 aspects. I know we don't have enough time today in our very short interview,

but there are so many questions you want to ask a real estate agent. So number one, the most important part is don't just take the first referral that somebody gives you actually interview a real estate agent and see if they're a good fit for your needs because our needs constantly change. And if you're not looking at what's good for you for this particular buyer,

this particular sell, because it all changes and it changes so fast. So make sure you're interviewing the real estate agent, making sure you're doing it in a new unit of time for this market and that you're not just using, cause you might have a real estate agent used before and it might not be the right one for this time. So don't let don't,

don't just assume interview, interview your real estate agent and ask the right questions. You can have that free resource. Okay? You guys, you know how to get this resource. You go to She's one of our VIP experts. You know, she's our real estate expert inside show notes as well. So just go there and look for Jennifer's picture and she will have a link there.

We'll make sure there's a link there for you to get those 17 questions. I've actually read them all. It taught me a lot. So you really want to check that out before you get into the market. Now, if it was you Jennifer, of one of your clients, would you recommend them as a seller or buyer to even start in January?

Should they wait a little bit further in the year? Well, I think January is a great time to buy. It's not necessarily a good time to sell, but it depends on your market. Because for instance, if you're in a market with this as this town, like a ski town, it might be a great time. So it depends. So you said January,

if it's, you know, you're in Colorado, I actually lived in Denver for a while. Back in the eighties, it might be a great time to sell your home right now, but it's also a great time to just kind of go out and look virtually and start making plans. Right? Cause later on in the year, we're going to talk about being a new home buyer and all that kind of stuff.

Correct. That's the thing is there's. Now you've got to remember. The one thing that really changed for us is, I mean, this pandemic made us go online to virtual tours, virtual open houses, all sorts of things, virtual that we had never done before. And it's so much fun now because you can start online and see houses. You probably never would have done.

And again, saves so much time. So start online with all of your touring of houses and have fun. I think it's just like, I candy why not? Well, like we said, Jennifer's, you know, she's family, you guys know that she's my little sis. You guys make sure you go to, get those 17 questions cause they really will save you a ton of time.

Any other information you want to know about her social media or websites? All of that can be found on Jennifer is one of our VIP experts every month. She's going to come and give us yet another tip. I want to thank you for hanging out with us today. And I can't wait to see what comes next month. I Can't wait.

Hey everybody. I hope you enjoyed this episode. You know, I want you to come back next time and as always I'm TGo I'll talk to you next time.

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