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Kevin McLemore PodCast host, Author and Fitness Trainer

Mission statement H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everyday) * Public Speaker * Podcast Co-Host Talking "Wit" Kevin and Son

Through the power of the story, McLemore has managed to be a top influencer in the field of Health and fitness but has positioned himself as a motivating force as an Inspirational Paid Speaker in leadership development, identifying a relevant opportunity and content for personal and professional growth.

Social activist, for uncomfortable conversations to open talks about diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Kevin McLemore is also Co-Founder of RMK Productions and 10 United Podcast Network, the first cooperation to united and Market a network of Podcasters, sharing content, sponsors, support women in business, education through the power of Story.

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Hey everybody. And welcome to the show. You know where you are Expert Talk with me TGo and as always, you know, I love bringing very interesting people, experts, people that are truly like just specialists in their field. And today is no different. Today is no different, but there's a little stress there. We're going to get into that a little bit later in the show.

There is a little bit of stress we got. Yeah. Look, you're just going to put the word Brown out there and deal with it later. But today we have Kevin Macklemore on the show and he's going to talk about, you know, the indispensable values of the game of X's and O's. Hmm. Are you putting it together? Brown X's and O's thing.

Ding, ding, ding, ding. Yeah, we never talk about it right now, but we are going to come back with Kevin. So sit right there. We'll be right back. Expert Talk is brought to you in part by PodNation TV. The Podcast to Broadcast Network Expert Talk is produced and distributed by Melrose 11, LLC lights, cameras take action with Melrose 11 Hey Kevin.

Welcome to the show. TGo, TGo TGo! baby girl, baby girl. I'm going to tell you, I hope your fans are ready. I hope their, their hearts are open. And I also hope that they may be a little surprised at the end of this, because you may have a change of heart before. This is all over with. It's going to take longer than the show to change my heart.

When it comes to that Brown color, we'll get into that. We're not going to talk about that right now. You sir are an entrepreneur. You're a speaker. You're a podcast host. You've got a few shows, not just one. You've got a few going on your COVID survivor. And then on top of all that, the NFL has played a major role in your life.

You're a busy, busy man. So before we get into all of it, how was your Father's day? Because we're taping this right after Father's day. Did you have a good time? My Father's day was special. My kids called me first thing in the morning in order of the birth. My oldest hit me up at seven o'clock. My youngest hit me up at one a little bit after 11,

my oldest son, you know, hit me up there a little distance away, so I didn't get a chance to see them. But I did have something special at a restaurant here in the King of Prussia. I'm in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. There was a Father that probably would not be here today, collapsed at the restaurant and lucky for me, I was there to administer CPR.

So there's a daughter. That's still with her father today. So, you know, God put me in a place and gave me a gift and I exercise that. Right. But otherwise, you know, every day above ground for me is a good day. Especially you mentioned the fact that, you know, I did my battle with COVID and I will tell every everyone it's the real deal.

You know, I've been in the fitness business for over 40 years. I, I, I made a big mistake on a Tuesday afternoon. I called out COVID cause I had not been sick in seven years. I eat I'm vegan and you know, I'm stronger than most 30 year olds and I'm 62 years old. And I basically will stood in the middle of a gym and said COVID ain't got S on me.

And guess what someone called Covid said, you know, you hear what Kevin said? And COVID said, I heard him. I'll be visiting Friday afternoon. And when he visited me on Friday afternoon, it's like Mike Tyson says, you always have a plan until you get hit in the face. COVID hit me in the face, kicked me in the legs.

It pushed me down the stairs, picked me up, brought me back 21 straight days, put me two days in the hospital, brought me close to what I thought that the light on evidently that I made a wrong turn. And I'm still here. And the side effects. And I will tell you is that if you don't get the vaccine for yourself,

get it for someone that you love because someone with a weaker immune system may not be around. So that's my public service announcement. And thank you for that introduction. And you know, and when we talk about the X's and O's X's, and O's started back when I was in high school. So this is the origin of this book. Oh My goodness.

Okay. Wait, hold on. We got to get, there we go. You know, give me a minute and we'll get there. We gonna talk about the X's and O's, we're going to talk about the Brown too, but just a little bit about the Brown, but just hold on. Well, first we got to go back. Let's talk about,

you know, your hero, man. I mean, you can't just skip over that, you know, to be in a restaurant, especially now after COVID. I mean, people gave it a second thought. If they saw someone choking before COVID on whether or not they would step in because you know what, if I get sued, what if they're faking?

What if it's that? But to do that after COVID has been around, you know, people are scared to just kind of just stand next to people and shake hands right now. And you saved that man's life. I definitely want to say you are definitely a hero that any of that thought go through your mind or did you just go on autopilot and said,

Nope, I got to be there. This is what I can do. Yeah. You know, it's funny that you ask that question because I just got off an hour ago before I spoke with you with a guy by the name of David Sanderson. He, if you've seen the movie, the Miracle on the Hudson, he was the last passenger to exit that plane.

And I asked him a similar question of what he was thinking. And it did not resonate to you. You just answer me the same question. And when I look at the current state of affair that we're in right now, when the S hits the wall, you don't think about what color skin you are, what gender you are of if you're going to get,

get anything or whatever the case may be, moments matter. And if I had hesitated, someone's Father would not be here and I would not be having this conversation. So it's, you know, the reality of it is that we're all in this together. We're human beings. I'm not a hero. I'm just, I've, I've been lucky enough that I've been trained to help people.

This was one of the gifts that I I have. And you know, the heroes are people like yourself that have given people, opportunities, our educators, our service people, those are the heroes. I I'm just another, another person. I'm just another person. And I'm Just another person sitting on this side of the camera. You've another person sitting on that side of the camera.

And hopefully there are people out there going, man, maybe I have a message. Maybe I can get out there and maybe I should share. And they should, you know, especially with all this COVID stuff. that the learned anything it's like, yeah, my Mom always said, tomorrow's not promised. And COVID proved that tomorrow is definitely not promised. So I definitely want to live for the day.

And I hope that the people watching understand the power of living for today and stop putting things off to a time that may not ever get here. We may never get to that point. Now a minute ago, you mentioned that you've been in fitness for 40 years or 30, 30 years, over 40 years. Over 40 years, you look amazing By the way,

I would've never guessed your age, but over 40 years and you just kind of skipped on past it, but you truly understand what fitness is. It's not just go to the gym to hang out and get picked up on or pick up somebody else. It truly is a part of your life. And it probably saved your life because of the level of fitness you are when you went through.

COVID correct. I, I think that was that's part of it. The other thing is when I say fitness, I'm actually working on a book. I started on it when I was 57 years, years of age, and I said, 57, I can the truth about the business of fit fitness. And I started that book after I fell off a ladder and broke my neck.

We all over have to overcome adversities. And one of the things I realized with, even with this book is that every aspect of my life, when we talk about discovering our why, our why our mission statement and our purpose keeps re as has to be redefined at every aspect of our life, until we actually discover why we're doing it. When I talk about in the way that I teach fitness is at a different level.

I teach a lifestyle. You don't actually have to be fit to be on a cover of a magazine, but your respiratory, your cardiovascular system, if they're fit, no matter what shape you're in, you're fit. I've witnessed a Ironman race. When there was an individual one year that basically did not make the cutoff on the swim by two tenths of a second,

he had trained all year round and had open heart surgery, came back the following year and everyone cheered for, for him. He made an out of the water basically with a second and a half before he was disqualified. Again. Now the kicker, this story, his physical physique, he was round. He came out out of 2,700 people that was running that race.

When he crossed the finish line, he had finished 375 positions ahead of people. And he was the last person out of the water and a year before. So when I start to look at what fitness really was, it wasn't the chisel body. It wasn't the person that was wearing a thong posting, you know, saying, do what I do. It was the person that had adjusted their lifestyle to say,

let me improve. You know, 90% of the time eat what my body needs, live my life. And if I happen to have a little bit, I get rid of the conversation of saying, I'm going to cheat. It's like you deserve it. We all work very hard. And if you like Grandmother's cake and candies during the holiday, enjoy it,

t Lifetime Athletics ended up:

The hashtag is find1000 reasons to be kind to someone. If we do that every single day, fitness is a mind. State. Fitness is a place of being in your life. And fitness is a place on how you treat other people. So when I talk about the business of fitness, we have to understand the fitness business is a multi-billion dollar business.

And it's predicated based on separating you from your bank account. Okay. And that's what you got to look at. And the way that I teach is how you can go ahead and basically put me out of business and take care of yourself. So I'm very effective in what I, what I do. I'm very effective in the cause cognitive aspect of it.

And my, my hearts and every client that I train You didn't just come across fitness. You didn't get up one day and take a certification course and say, I'm a trainer. You have actually had fitness, be a part of your personal life for most of your life. I mean, you played professional sports. Well, I, I had a tryout for a professional sport.

I didn't get a chance to actually play. They kept me around for a little bit, but they didn't keep me around if I could say that. But every aspect from track and field to football from high school to college, and therefore it got me to be a personal trainer for Julio Franco. I became an unofficial strength and endurance coach for Major League Baseball,

thanks to Julio Franco for five, five years. So it has always been a positive part of my life. It has also kept me out of prison, kept me out of the graveyard. It's, it's the mindset of taking care of your body and taking, and having that body represent what you, what you are in, in life. So it's been a mindset if it had not been for me putting on a football uniform,

I don't know if I'll be having this conversation because I was surrounded with like-minded people that were going in, in a direction that I didn't know I was going in. And I just followed the, is like running water. You know, I was following wherever the current was taking me. And luckily enough, as I was going along, I learned along,

along the way, and I started putting pieces together. Wow. So, you know, we've started this conversation talking about you being a Dad w we're taping this right after Father's day. You know, how important was fitness with your children did you teach them this when they were young? You know, cause you have a son, who's a chef, correct?

t our livestock used to be in:

being a big part of it, you have to realize that hemp, not marijuana, not this stuff is going to get you high, but hemp plant is a 14 foot tree. It actually pulls out inflammation in your body. And when you look at the source of where the animals get their protein, it's not from eating other animals. So when you ask a cow where he gets his protein from,

that's where we should be getting our protein from. And now that my son is cooking with that, and he is a chef, w w w w we're learning. But this man just say, did he literally just say, when you ask a cow where they get it? Okay. All right. That was, that was funny. You are funny,

dude. Think about it until you see your livestock and believe it or not. When you look at the fact that hemp used to be a major part of that, the feed until we start making instant cows, instant chickens, I mean, you realize if you grow a chicken, it's only going to be about three and a half pounds in less than X amount of months.

We've got a 10 pound chicken there. Most of that is when you look at our food and how it's processed when you go to a grocery store and you see that nice, big chicken breasts, it's filled with seawater. But most of it, when you cook it, it dries out and it shrinks up and whatever. We put a lot of things in our body that our body is not set up the process.

And that's the reason why we're at risk. And especially when I talk to people that are black and Brown, the reason why COVID hit us hard, it's our lifestyle for one, but it's just like w w with everything else, if we do things in moderation are our body is our body is an incredible machine. It wants to fight to be alive.

And we constantly put things in our system that threatens the mechanics of where your body is set up. I mean, I could talk about this stuff all day long, and some people will get it. And other people refuse to change. Yeah. Cause They, you know, they, they just follow. This is what, you know, Mom did.

This is what Grandma did. This is what I do. But the food is completely different than when it was when Grandma was doing it. So, you know, it's entirely different and we could sit here and maybe we should, one day just have a nutritional and health and wellness, just conversation, bring in a few people and just have that conversation on both sides.

You know, because there are people out there that think, Hey, my time is more valuable than, you know what I'm eating. So I'd rather go through a drive-through, you know, cause I got 15 other things to do Well, believe it or not. If I have to say one thing while we're still in the fitness subject, if everyone stop aiming for weight loss and just concentrate on increasing muscular strength and lowering the body percent fat life will be better.

That weight loss target means absolutely nothing. You can lose it, but if you lose it quickly and not naturally, it will find, find it is way back. And we'll bring five pounds of friends with them. I love this guy. Okay. All right. We're gonna, we're gonna come back. Cause we gotta talk about the indispensable game of X's and O's.

We got to talk about that. We also need to talk about home shopping. What's that all about? And, and you know, we'd kind of hinted on your podcast, but we didn't really get into it. So let's, let's go do that. So let's go do that. We're going to take a quick break. And when we come back,

we're going to talk about X's and O's and maybe, maybe a little bit of the Brown. So sit right there. We'll be right back. Expert Talk is brought to you in part by PodNation TV, the Podcast to Broadcast Network. Hey, welcome back. You guys know where you are. Expert. Talk with me, TGo. And we're talking with this young man,

Kevin, and he just said, you know, stop worrying about weight loss and start worrying about your health overall. I mean, he said it way better than that, but he's telling the truth. I have to admit, okay, young man, let's talk about home shopping, home shopping. Really? What did you do for home shopping? When I decided to first retire from the fitness business and transferring from New York to Phoenixville,

Pennsylvania, to become a stay at home Dad, to be active and present in my children's life, I invented a product called the perfect sheet and because I had, I was a neat freak and was making the beds and no one else in my house made the bed. We bought this house bigger than life and realized every morning when my wife went out to work,

I had all these beds to make. And so I created a system that basically allowed me to pull the sheet, taught the sides of the sheet, fell 12 inches on each side, I got a patent on the way the hospital corners were sewn in. And I tried to pitch it to QVC. Guy by the name of Mark Berg was a part of a company that was an extension of QVC called Product Works.

And I did not know that I had to spend a lot of money to get a patent. It didn't know I had to spend a lot of money to get a sample and whatever. And he says, you know, you've, you've got a nice voice. He said, do you ever think about doing TV? Well, I said, well, I've done a little acting.

I've been in a couple movies. I was on a soap opera in New York. I've done a couple of commercials. I've been on the covers of a couple of romance books. I said, I can do a little bit. And he says, would you be interested in basically coming on as a guest, I've got this guy that doesn't like doing overnights,

come on. And they gave me a product that I was selling out the balance of the inventory. So I got lucky. People like me. They bought the product over and over again at QVC. And QVC was fairly new at that time. And there was no one in the building that looked like me. So I started a company called dark star productions.

I started to rep products. I had no idea what I was doing. I would go to the trade shows and I would hang on the corner and listen to conversations. And I'm going, I'm smart enough. And I made a list of a hundred, a hundred clients that I wanted and Timex was my first client. And once Timex came about, I got the first 10,

10 vendors on my list and I was in business and I learned every single day, a lot like you, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was smart enough to be a good student. I learned. And within two years I was one of the top 15 independent marketing reps at QVC. I've had some products that have sold over a million dollars in five or six minutes.

And I've been to every single trade show, which I still love to do. And, and I learned that QVC had a unique gift on how to take a vendor's product and put the perfect pitch on there within seconds. Wow. I learned that art. That's, That's amazing. I, I w I, that's amazing. I mean, you told me before, and I sat here with my mouth open.

You tell me again, I sit here with my mouth open. I tend to do that, you know, I tend to do that because you're an amazing, amazing dude. How did you go from that to being an author? I mean, you just get up one day and say, I'm going to write a book. Well, I, I wrote my,

my first book out of envy. I had a fraternity brother that had been published and I thought it was a little smarter than him. I had was recovering from knee surgery. And I had a beach house on the shore up this way. And I heard, I saw a lot of people out, out one night in August, and they had this big bonfire and they were telling stories.

And I sat on the edge of the, the campfire. And we talked, I had my crutches and they were celebrating the anniversary death of Elvis Presley. And I listened to this story. My younger brother happened to be born a day after, or day before. I think it's the 19th. He was born and Elvis' birthday is 8th and loved Elvis Presley.

s of Elvis. And I interviewed:

And I put together a book called letters to Elvis and St. Martins press bought the book before they had seen me. I had a book agent that set everything up. I got a nice advance, and this was the kicker. When I came in to do all the press and interviews the staff to set everything up, there was a big gasp when I came in the room.

Okay. You don't, you don't even have to ask. Okay. When you, when you think an author with letters to Elvis, they weren't expecting me. And the big argument was putting my picture on the book and they thought it was gonna affect the sales. And I had had the ear of some very prominent people in New York at that time. And they said,

look, you don't, you may only get chance to be published one time. Your picture needs to be on there. So we had pictures taken, submitted the picture, and they put my picture on a little small part on the back of the book. It didn't show up on the front of the book. And the unique thing was, if you want to know when whenever a disaster is going to come call me to find out when I'm going to release a book,

because the UPS strike happened after me doing all the pre publicity, the PR and showing up on television, radio shows and so forth. And my book was nowhere to be found. So 35, 40 days later the book was released on a Saturday Morning. And I remember it like yesterday, I woke up, turned on the television and Lady Diana had passed, oh, no one was interested in my book.

Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah. That's, That's an amazing story. But now you have a new project and COVID came out two days after I released that book. Okay. Remind me never to tell you when I'm releasing a book, because it sounds like natural disaster. It only happens. It only Happens to me. I can, I can.

I'm a futurist. Okay. Okay. Okay. So now you have, you know, indispensable games of X's and O's, I have this vision in my brain of you at a chalkboard doing football plays and teaching Peewee league, the indispensable game of X's. And O's, that's what it's all about, right? Nope. It's far from it. It is far from it.


that night or that afternoon put the key in the lock, opened the door. My life had changed. My Mother had relocated from Dayton, Ohio to Beverly Hills 90121. She also left with the Pastor of our church, not going to put the two together. My Father was a beautiful man and I love him to death. So don't get me wrong.

And I'm going to ask people when you read my book, don't feel sorry for me, because it had not been for the book. I wouldn't be sitting here with the great TGo, but systematically, my Father had a better relationship with alcohol and everyone loved my Father. And for some reason, we were relocated from 559 Cedarhurst in Dayton, Ohio to 710 Shupe avenue. My grandmother's residence in the home of my father and from there. And I learned my lessons of life as far as being a parent from my grandparents. And although I came up with a religious background, my actions outside of my home did not support my upbringing. And I was making some poor choices. It led to me having an evening conversation,

con confrontation with a young man that had basically robbed a friend of mine on his paper route. And at that time, for those of your listeners who don't remember it, the paper used to get dropped off at your door by some teenager on a bike or carrying papers. That's how that was our side hustle. And we retaliated found a young man and we had street justice.

And at that time was my hands against his hands in my hand against his body. And I got the upper hand of it. At the end of the summer, we were preparing from going from the eighth grade to high school. And we ended up at Vanessa Birdsong's party. At that time, we had parties when there was, you know, the red light we're in the Mama's face.

Everyone got together and all the boys stood in one corner waiting for a slow dance. Hopefully we were going to be able to ask a girl for a dance that she wouldn't turn us down, came down the steps with the individual that I had been in a confrontation with weeks ago. And he had four friends. He jumped in my face and I jumped back and Vanessa said,

no, not in my Momma's house. He had to take this outside. So knowing what I had, what, what the, our first encounter was, I was prepared to deliver the second blow again to him and his friends. And I happened to be accompanied with one of my good friends, Paul Moore, which was the baddest dude on the planet. The only teenager I knew they had a beat up an adult.

And I figured, I said, this was a fair fight four against two. Unfortunately, we took off our jackets. They pulled out guns. Oh, we exited. We ran over to our local swimming hole, climbed over the eight foot fence. And I hid. The only place that I had fantasize about every single time I went swimming in the girl's locker room.

And there I go, I'm laying face down and which I was hoping was pool water and not someone's DNA. Oh Lord. I sat there for an eternity, listening to the concrete that danced around my head. There was chips was falling around. I had no idea, but every time I heard a gunfire, it's something hit the wall. And knowing that I only had one other way out and they were coming over the way that we had came in,

Paul and I both exited that pool on the south side of the fence. I learned two things that night one I had world-class speed and didn't know it. The other thing I made a commitment to God. If I got home without any bullet holes, I was going to make some choices. So like my friend, David Sanderson's book Moments Matter, I got very lucky and things mattered and I made some choices.

So my, my book's not about football. Even though I talk about my experience, it talks about the lessons that I've learned that I've applied, not only to my personal life, my spiritual life, my corporate life, and how I educate other people. And it's basically a roadmap for young men and young women that are entering high school of the things that you can avoid going over,

because I've already been there. And there there's stories in there to give you hope. So I want to make sure that every high school student doesn't graduate in their 12th year with the same degree that they could have gotten within their ninth grade year. And so that's where X's and O's comes form. So it, it transformed every aspect of your life,

about time value, showing up to work, your relationships, being part of a team, talking about being present every single day, talking about, you know, forgiveness and how to have grace and be grateful. And the other thing that it basically brings you closer to the truth. Cause my story originally started out with a lie because up, up until I was 35,

I told everyone my Mother was dead. Cause I was too ashamed to say because I was a person of color that I fit the stereotype of the system that was played against us. And I was in denial. And so it's my coming out truth. And if it had not been for me being hit in the head with a dumbbell at work March 19,


The next document, when I clicked on the folder is the first document was there. And there was many files has everything I need to learn about life. I learned playing high school football. I read that manuscript at that time was a hunt. It was 93,000 words. I went and asked my wife basically, who wrote this? And she says, why are you asking me this?

You did. And I said, this story made me laugh. It made me cry and inspired me. It made me fight to overcome the mental disability that I had encountered with this concussion. And since then I've been a reading machine. Wow. And, and it had not been for this, this book would not even exist. It would have been my ongoing journal and I transposed it to this book.

Wow. That's amazing. I mean, whew, where would they find your book? I mean, I, they got to get it. So where do they find it? just put in the search box books by Kevin McLemore. You're going to see two books that was going to pop up. The first one may be my Christmas novel. It's not a children's book as a Christmas novel Sprinkles,

the true spirit of Christmas, the second book. And don't be afraid of the cover because I hired a great look model that looks just like me. It's on Amazon and also Audible. So, and the funny thing about this. Publishers, okay. When your author says that they want their picture on the cover of the book, do not try to convince them because they're not already famous,

that they can't look it. The contents of this book is wonderful. It's a book that I, this is how good I feel about the book. You don't like the book. I'll buy it back from you. Ooh. That's what I'm talking about. I mean, you just put it out there. Okay. You and I, I mean, we've become fast friends.

We've been talking off and on now for about four months, couple of months, but we, we could, we could go forever and I gotta have you come back on because we touched on this much of Kevin's life. I mean, literally this much of his life. So, but before I let you go, I've been talking about it all show.

I got to go there. Y'all y'all know I'm from Chicago. You know, I'm a Bears fan, but this man said that he he's he's You, you gotta say it with a little bit more commitment. Cleveland Browns, you've worn the colors. You have the colors. I am truly a Jaguar of Julian Jaguar, south side of Chicago all the way we are.

We are the Jaguars of mighty, mighty Jaguars. I will say that, but it was just, it was happenstance that it's close to the same colors as Cleveland Browns. Well, Let, let, let me, let me say this. So you feel a little better. I don't hate on any other team, you know, as long as it doesn't have a star on it,

but, and I, and I understand that everyone has their own allegiance to their team and I'm fine because at the end of the day, when February comes around where we are all in the same position or we're all in that better position that we all dream for. So I I'm, I'm okay with that. And you know, if I, What's the position crying cause the season's over,

we got to wait till August, No! I'm talking about, you're either a fan of the, of watching the Super Nowl or you the fan of your team being in the Super Bowl. And at the end of the day, if you don't win the Super Bowl, you're in the same seat that I'm in as a Cleveland Brown. So no matter how you look at it,

it's okay to be a fan. It's okay to be loyal. But unless you win the Super Bowl, you're, you're, you're the same team as I am. You may not, you may not go to two years of being, you know, 32 and 0, but I'm going to tell you outside of any team has ever won a Superbowl named me one team.

There's got a parade for winning a football game, one team, a single game, a single game. And we're proud of it. Add bud ad, bud wiser. Are they proud? Okay. Okay. See, you know, when I got into this, when I got into the this, you all don't know this, but my mentor Lillian McMorris said, there's two things.

You stay away from church and state. You don't mess with politics. You don't talk about religion during a show. So I'm going to just Chuck this up and say that you know, right now football, it falls in between there somewhere between church and state. Cause we could go all day. I want to just give you this one brother. I'm going to give it to you.

I want to invite you to come back to the show soon. That's what I'm going to do because yeah. Okay. One game when parade For one. Yeah. It's like Momma's cooking. Okay. No matter how many other people make it, it still tastes Mom. When Mama makes it it's mama's cooking. So enjoy let it, let it savor.

It's okay. It's okay. You can be a house guest every now and then you're welcome here. All right. Don't hate. Like I said, as long as you don't have a star on your back I'm fine. And I have a brother that wears that uniform and we still allow them to come around because we love him. I have a close friend,

we have a close family friend that loves that star loves that star. We have this debate all the time and I'm going to agree with you there. But yeah, I would just thank you for being on the show. And I want to thank you for, you know, we went through, you know, Hills and valleys and rivers and streams trying to get this interview done,

you know? And we're finally here. I want to invite you to come back Brother. You're an amazing dude. And I know you're just getting stuck. You're exactly right. And I want to say one thing for your listeners. Okay. When you get to a place in life and this is what my Grandfather told me that you can help someone else.

It is your duty. Remember this reach one, teach one. And I'm Kevin, thank you for having me miss TGo, Everybody. You know, that was Kevin. You know, I appreciate you watching. I hope you'll be here for the next interview. W yeah, we we're. We're gonna just have to leave Kevin over there with the Browns,

but we'll see, we'll see about that later. And as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to you next time.

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