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Episode 24

Life, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation Coach - Kathryn Eipl on Expert Talk [email protected]

Kathryn is a Wellness Director with degrees in Psychology, Management, certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coaching, Reiki, Yoga and Meditation with an emphasis in sound therapy.

She fuses her knowledge of psychology, relationships, yoga and meditation to help people connect to themselves on a deeper level, uncovering what they do not enjoy about themselves and providing a space for them to practice acknowledgment and acceptance.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are Expert Talk the [email protected] with me TGo. And today we're going to talk about Reiki, yoga, healing. What Kathryn Eipl's here today. Kathryn, are you out there? Hi, thanks So much for having me on the show. Thank you so much for coming on to the show.

We met at an event, you know, big Hi to Greg Reid. We met at Prosperity Camp and, and we got to talking. I said, you gotta come on the show and you said yes, but I'm so glad you did. Thank you for coming out here and hanging out with me for the fastest nine minutes of your life. All right.

Let's make it a real good nine minutes. So you just finished the retreat, right? Yeah. So it was in partnership with the Barboza method studio, which is in, who has Hollywood, LA. And I used to work there when I was living in LA. Now I'm in the San Diego area. We hosted a health and wellness retreat in Catalina.

It was three days and I love Catalina. Yeah. Catalina is so beautiful. It was on a private part of the island. So it wasn't Avalon. It is beautiful Two Harbors, which is a separate camping glamping site. So we had guest speakers talking about how to balance the mind and body with a naturopathic doctor who gave a lecture on that.

And we had someone speak on starting over and also talking about finding the courage within you to that burning desire, where you just know you need to change your life and what that was like an in between. You said a bunch of really big stuff that everybody, I mean, if you sit on social media for more than 30 seconds, you're going to see that go past your newsfeed at some point,

you know, I mean, it doesn't matter whether you're 12 or, you know, 102, somebody is going to say, you know, they need some kind of healing that they need, you know, some kind of, you know, to find themselves that they need, you know, that they're going through some kind of relationship issue. Where do you come in with all of that?

How do they know this? They need to contact Kathryn, what is your specialty? Exactly. So my main specialty is helping people work through traumas of heartbreak and also strengthening the bonds in their relationships as well. And I mainly specialize with people who are coming out of narcissistic relationships or have encountered a lot of narcissists within their lives. And they have, they've often been seen as a victim to the narcissist.

And when you are surrounded by a narcissist or in a partnership union with them, you take on a lot of self-sabotaging patterns and you're conditioned to believe that you're not good enough. You're not strong enough. You can't do anything on your own. And a lot of people coming out of those relationships are naturally think that because that thought pattern has been reinforced in them for so long.

And it's not, it wasn't reinforced by them. It was enforced by an outside source. So a lot of times when someone outside you is telling you all these things, you think it's more powerful than what your own thoughts are. So how do you know that, you know, you're in that kind of relationship, eventually you get the cute, you know,

the clues, people are telling you, you feel it, that kind of a thing, but how do you know what point that you need to have help, that you need a coach, that you need a therapist that you need to join a group that maybe you need to go on a three-day retreat. How do you know when you need to reach outside the home and connect with someone for help?

It's when you kind of hit your rock bottom in that relationship at that moment, you feel like you've, you know, that you need some sort of change because you've woken up to the idea of like, wait a minute. I was good enough before them. And now all of a sudden I'm worse off with them. Like, how did that happen?

And once you make that realization for yourself, because no one, like if you're in that relationship, you could tell someone like your best friend, like, dude, he's a narcissist, what are you doing? And if they don't see it, that's just going to put a riff between you and your friend. So the person, once they finally see that,

then it's like, okay, how do I get out of this? And they might try to do a few things on their own. And eventually you just, you hit rock bottom. And I describe it as like, you're spinning your wheels. You're just like throwing stuff at the spaghetti wall, trying to see what sticks. And then that's when you're like,

I do need help. And it might be a little bit of swallowing, some pride because a lot of people, when you're in a relationship or you realize that you feel you might have made that mistake, no one really wants own up to it and be like, okay, I'm here. Cause it was like my doing so to ask for help is a little bit of the same thing saying,

okay, yeah, I did this and I need help. But that's also a huge leap that you're taking with your own courage and your own faith by saying, and acknowledging that you need help and you're ready. This is the moment that you acknowledge that you need help. There's going to be no stopping you once you get the proper help, because you're just going to be able to climb that ladder and get out of that hole.

You know, there's an old saying, my mother used to say it all the time. The writing's on the wall. You know, I feel I've like talked with people. I've had friends over the years, everybody that watches my show knows I'm 57 years old. So I'm not new to this planet. And the question is, you know, if you see the writing on the wall,

but you're not really, really sure. You know, what do you do to kind of go wait a minute? Am I right? Am I wrong? Should I kind of hit the button before I hit rock bottom and just kind of reach out what kind of signs should you be looking for to say, yeah, that, you know, check the box,

check the box, check the box. Yeah. That's who I'm talking to. Yeah. So one thing you can do is I give you start to, to have those suspicions. I offer 45 minute consultations. You're more than welcome to reach out to me and schedule something. And you can tell me your situation and we can talk it over and I can get some insight.

Other red flags to look out for. If you're involved with a narcissistic relationship is one like the first date you had with them was epic. Like it was something that could have been in a movie every day after that has just been mediocre at best. Like not terrible, not like, oh my God, worst ever. Just like, okay, it was a date,

but it wasn't the quality of the first one. And a lot of times narcissists will love to tell you how much they love, how being with you, makes them feel about themselves. Everything comes back to themselves and they just say so many different lies. They'll Gaslight you. They love to do a love bombing where they'll tell you how much they appreciate you give you gifts out of random.

So those are some of the flags to look out for. So if you can check those boxes, that might, I hope that gives some insight, You know, before Mr. Grumpy Allen, our producer cuts us off because he's already put up that wicked one minute sign, maybe. Yeah. It goes really fast. You know, people may be listening.

Can you tell them how to get in touch with you in case they're listening and not watching? Yeah, for sure you can visit my website. I I believe it was shown on the screen a little bit ago. And I'm also on Instagram, under Eipl healing. That's E I P L healing. And on my website, I have my contact information up there.

So you can either contact me directly through the website or shoot me an email or give me a call... Really Allen see what I mean Kathryn. Soon as You get started, soon as you get on the roll that nine minutes goes, I thank you so much for being on the show, you have to come on and do a full interview. Cause we touched on the tip tip, tip of the iceberg of what you do and everything that you do to help other people.

I hope you'll come back. Hey everybody. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you'll come back next time. And as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to ya next time, see you next time, everybody.

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