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ExpertTalk.FM ~ Loren strives to motivate, inspire, and uplift every person that crosses his path. He shows those that want to know that while life is full of challenges, it is our challenges that provide opportunity. Loren loves his Creator, books, music, and all things of beauty. He loves being creative, and says, “I love me”.  In addition to his current album “Turn It Around”, as a former foster child, Loren is the host of a daily morning talk show which is featured on the e360 TV Network and was named one of the top four Livestream shows to watch in 2020 by Allure Magazine. Loren strives to give hope to those who are desperate to break through the various “glass ceilings” of their lives. As a Mentor, Break Through Coach, Message Discovery Coach, Author, and friend, Loren believes that we are all a part of The Ripple Effect and that it is his duty to create a ripple with his story that will reach around the globe. Say’s Loren, “My goal in life, is to expose as many people as possible to this systematic approach that has worked 100% in providing a template for me to follow which has provided a life that before I only dreamed about. Loren has been heard on Larry King Live and NPR Radio, featured in PEOPLE Magazine, and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, AND FOX.  

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