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Michelle Jewsbury - Humanitarian & Author on Expert Talk [email protected]

Michelle is CEO/Founder of Unsilenced Voices, a non-profit organization focused on eradicating domestic abuse and sexual gender-based violence worldwide. She has been intervened on major networks and was recently seen on TradioV, interviewed on CalCoast news, and featured in The Collaborative Post. She wrote, produced and performed a critically acclaimed play to a nearly sold out audience based on her experience with domestic violence in 2016. She has traveled to over 10 countries encouraging individuals to overcome their past to achieve success in their future. She has been speaking and coaching internationally for over 3 years.

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Hey, everybody, you know where you are? [email protected] with me TGo and you know what? I always bring experts and I always bring great people. But today I'm bringing somebody super, super special. That has an amazing event coming up. She loves helping people. She's a humanitarian, she's an entrepreneur. She's a founder. She's an actor.

She's here, Michelle Jewsbury are you out there. I'm Here. Thank you so much, TGo, Man. We had some interesting times getting this stream going today. I know that somebody thought to go, wait a minute, they're four minutes late. Don't worry everybody. We're going to get our nine minutes and don't worry about that at all. Okay.

Before we get into the event, I got to ask actor, Actor. Yeah. I originally moved to Hollywood, California to pursue an acting career. Love it. I still live in LA, but I'm moving out. I think the, the end of December. So super, super excited about that. Moving to Florida. But yeah. Moved here pursuing acting in a lot of independent films and plays and commercials did a lot of theater,

tons and tons of theater. So yeah. I love acting. It's it's always been a passion of mine. Hold on, hold on. You're going from LA to Florida. Yes. Like coast to coast. You know, there's a whole lot of great cities right in between. You didn't want to stop and maybe do a couple of your pitstop. And I know,

you know, Kansas city, Chicago, maybe new Orleans, you know, something like that. I might go to Austin. I might stop in Austin, Texas to visit a couple of friends on my way to Florida, January 1st. She's like, nah, I'm going to Florida. That's a big difference in weather girl. You going to have an amazing time out there that that heat is interesting.

It's wet. You always feel like you're standing in the rain all the time. All the time. I was in Sarasota in August and I was always, always warm and wet, but you know what? You always have that Floridian glow. Right. So it's great. So let's talk about humanitarian. What got you on that journey? What made you decide to take this adventure?

Because a lot of people talk about what they want to do in this world and how they want to help change and help this world. Very few actually, you know, spearhead their own path and do something like this. I mean, I'm more than happy to jump on somebody else's and help any way I can. And we're going to talk about the event coming up,

o do what you're doing? So in:

very similar to what we're all doing right now, watching this live stream. And I began to document what happened to me. And when I read it back to myself, that's when I had an aha moment. That's when I knew that my story mattered. And then that's when I ended up writing and performing a 65 minute solo play about my experience. And then in 2017,

I felt a huge thing to start on silenced voices. We currently operate in Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Rwanda. We're expanding to the United States. We help survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking, amazing organization. We can't do it without our team. And like TGo said, we have a huge event coming up in Las Vegas, December 8th.

tates in about nine cities in:

Now it'll stop our voices and they will not be able to hear what we're saying. So when you're ready to go to credit, we will have our engineer Allen. He will show us the flyer and everything so people could see it. But I believe we have the web address. If people want to buy tickets. Now, this event is actually happening in my hometown,

December 8th. It's right here in Las Vegas. Correct? Right there in Las Vegas, we have a bunch of celebrities coming out. It's a big gala. So you get dinner, cocktail entertainment, make sure to dress up dress to impress. We are partnering with the NFL alumni, Las Vegas Chapter. We also have the UnBlinded team and Power Team International.

And of course, Expert Talk with TGo, which is going to be awesome. Greg Ried will be there. George Chanos, the former attorney general of the state of Nevada will be there. It's going to be speed interviews, very quick onstage with some live entertainment and some fun. So we definitely want to make this fun for people because we are fundraising for something that is very heavy.

However, we can still collaborate and come together and have a great time together while we're making a difference. So that's the whole goal of this event in December. So if someone can't make it and I hope you guys can, you know, Allen, we'll put that web address up. Actually, he'll probably put it up a lot before we get done here.

If you can't make your get, get to the event and you can't buy your tickets, how can they support your movement? What you're doing, how do they support you? Yeah. So there's a variety of different ways to support us. Make sure you go to UnsilencedVoices.org. We always need donations. So that's a huge one. If you are not financially able to make a donation,

we need help spreading awareness. So whether it's reposting our Facebook posts, whether it's telling your friends and family about the event coming up, we definitely need more awareness because collaboration is key to sustainable change. And without collaboration, without working together, we won't be able to make a significant impact on what's happening. And unfortunately, one in four women experienced domestic violence in the U S one in three worldwide,

one in four boys experienced sexual defilement. It states and around the world and those men grow up to be hurt. And we need to help everybody, men, women, whether you are a black or a white LGBTQ, it does not matter. Everybody experiences of trauma. And we want to help those people who experience that. So if you are watching this in a different country,

because I mean, let's face it. The show hits all over the world. If you're watching this in a different country and you're thinking my goodness, how do I get them to come here? My goodness, how do I support? You know, what would you tell someone that's in a country that you're not touching just yet? So in the next five years,

our plan is to be a $5 million organization and about 20 different countries around the globe. It's a very advantageous goal, but I believe that we can hit it. We've now we're in four countries and we want to expand. You can always contact me, going to silence my voice.com. Again, it's UnsilenceMyVoice.com. You can book an appointment with me there.

We can have a one-on-one. I can bring up your information to our board and see if we are financially able to contribute and expand. We are planning a mission Ang up next year, or hopefully depending on COVID and the mandates, and what's happening with traveling. We are planning to go to Sierra Leone with a group of individuals in March. More information about that UnsilencedVoices.org, and also at the event, we'll be talking about that as well. So there's a lot of countries that are impacted. Like I said, you know, one in women worldwide, one in three women worldwide, one in four women in the United States. So we really need to see a change and we need you on our team. Well, I'm really happy to be on your team.

I plan on staying on your team from now on. I think what you're doing is absolutely amazing. And I'm so proud of you, you know, we recently met so, and, but now you're stuck with me. You know how I am? You're you're just stuck. I actually am going to wear real clothes. I'm not even going to wear my Expert Talk shirt.

And you guys I'm coming out there in real clothes that you don't know what a miracle that is. Get me in long pants. Yep. That's my big head on front in front of my big head. Thank you, Allen. He's going to cut us off in a minute, but let's tell everybody where they can go to find out more information about the event.

or a table of six for:

fun event and you are making a difference and we need you to help make a Difference. I thank you so much. Really Allen Really? I thank you so much Michelle for coming and hanging out with us. We had a little bit technical difficulties, but we made it through you guys go to UnsilencedVoices.org and support, I am gonna be there, you know I'm a fly on the wall. I'm going to let you know everything thats going on.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you watch next time and as always I'm Tgo and I'll talk to ya next time. Thanks TGo. Always welcome my friend.

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