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Episode 15

Who is Ryan Staley?

CEO | Podcast Host | Father & Husband | Dog Dad

World Fantasy FB Finalist | Revenue Collective Chapter Head

$150M+ Sales | 0-$30M ARR With 4 Sales People No Demand Generation

Ryan had his first success in business as an inside sales representative selling cutting edge technology and training to CIO’s, CTO’s and VP’s of the largest Investment Banks and Brokerages in the world. He finished #1 nationally, was promoted to Manager and then Sr. Manager.

After 2.5 years, Ryan shifted to a complex sales position for a privately held managed services provider that had no customer base in the Chicago market. He grinded and found a way to eventually becoming a multi-year President’s Club winner and equity holder through creating his own go to market strategy and execution plan.

This experience later launched Ryan into a leadership position (at a new organization) in which he was responsible for transforming a struggling business unit into the top performing office, creating an enterprise team from scratch and in developing a recurring revenue engine. The new business unit resulted in growth from 0-$30M Annual Recurring Revenue, $30 Million in capital revenue, over (30) $500,000 plus contracts and a $20 Million contract.

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