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Best-Selling Author, Host, Real Estate Executive and a member of The Happiness Hall of Fame... Jennifer helps make the world a better place by educating, inspiring and empowering people from around the world! She's also aided thousands of veterans and their families in finding the help they need through her best-selling book “101+ Resources for Veterans”.

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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know where you are? The 9 @ 9 with me TGo, and as always I love bringing experts but today is a little different. She's an expert yup, yup. Yup. She's had millions of people listen to her on radio for years. Yep. Yep. Yep. But she is my Sister from another Mister and another Mom.

Jennifer Yay Hammond is in the building, What's happening Jennifer? There she is. You knew how to answer that way. I am the Yay girl. You are the Yay girl. We met, you know, not even a year ago and it's felt like, you know, you've been a part of the family for ever. Now we just talk all the time and it's like, you'll send great, great people to us. I mean,

there's amazing things. I just announced that, you know, we're doing Secret Knock that's because of the intro you brought on. And I got to meet Greg Reid because of you and Shannon and you know, Jen Du Plessis. That's the book I'm in. I just want to start the first minute of this crazy nine minutes by saying thank you. Thank you so much for everything that you've done and believing in us and our mission and all that we're doing,

you are the absolute best. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I'll have to do things because I, it makes me so happy to help others and somebody, especially like you. I just love thank you for your service. Thank you for being a veteran. Thank you for all that you do to help bring and lift other people up.

I mean, I just, I have to say all those thank yous, because again, you're going to be the producer for my TV show. I mean, there's so many cool projects we have. Okay. We'll be like secret about that for now, but we have so many exciting things that we are going to do in the future together. And it just makes me so happy to know you and do I feel like you're my Sister I've known for,

you know, for forever. And I just, I can get lost talking and go, oh my gosh, how many hours do we just w what just happens? So, Yeah. Yeah. We call you, call me and say, quick call. And I go, okay. And then an hour and a half later, we're like, we've got,

gotta go back to work. We've been going at it for a minute now, before we run out of minutes. Cause you know, Mr. Grumpy is sitting back there at 9:09. He's going to cut us off. So before that happens, let's talk a little bit about your history because it's going nuts right now. Real Estate is absolutely nuts all over the country.

What the heck is going on in the Real Estate market? Well, You know, with all of this, this interesting, let's say pandemic and people staying at home and working from home and educating their children from home priorities have changed so much all over the country. And so what do we do we need to focus on what is our definition of home and work and play and Family.

How does that relate to our Real Estate? So not only just buying maybe a different home, cause like for instance, if you were living in one of the cities like DC or New York city, you may have now decided that your tiny little condo is going to make it for you anymore. And now you're going to spread out. But he'd like in the Washington DC area,

one of the big trends we see is that people are moving to the beach. They're going, why not? If I'm going to work virtually, why not walk or where I can actually go for a walk in the morning and I'm three hours away. So if I need to come back to Washington DC and the same thing with New York, we're hearing it from all of them,

not only the licensed Real Estate agents, but also the trends. And then I'll skip over to Real Estate investing. And so one of the biggest trends that we see in Real Estate investing is of course we see a lot of people who are interested in the big multi-families because some people are like, you know what, with such uncertain times, I just want to do some renting.

So we're seeing kind of both sides of that coin right now. Very interesting time. I mean, it's, and it's really interesting because I was going to ask you about that. It really does seem like people that were living, you know, in small towns and, and country and all that, they're going well, I've always wanted to live in the city.

So they're, they're moving in, you know, and then there's people that are living, you know, in the city. And they're like, I'm sick of all the people. I'm sick of the sky, you know, high rises, I'm hitting the beach, I'm going to go out into the country. I'm buying a ranch. It's just, it's amazing how that's happening as a Real Estate investor would now be a good idea to start investing,

or if they miss that bubble because we're quote unquote coming out of COVID, we're not, but that's what are well, where Did it? Yeah, I was gonna say one, there's always a great time to get into Real Estate investing because if you understand how to analyze a deal, which means numbers, numbers, numbers, actually looking through the numbers and seeing if that actually works for you.

Like for instance, with multi-family investing, there are so many things that are important and it's not what you would think is top of mind. It reminds me of people who refinance, which we can talk about in a minute when you're looking at the interest rate and you're not realizing with multi-family, you don't want to just look at the purchase price because there are tax benefits.

There are all sorts of other things that you can actually that are more important a lot of times than just having that purchase price. So you need to be able to work the numbers to make sure it actually works for you. And you need to look at the trends in that area. So like for instance, let me give you an example really fast.

And I know we're going to run out of time fast, but we talk about was one location, location, location. That was always incredible was right around a college or university. And that is not necessarily the case, because guess what? Now we're really focusing on the future and looking at what are we going to do as far as distance learning? Are we still going to have so Many?

Ah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. That makes sense. Because I've got a, I've got a cousin he's in college right now and he was going out of state and then COVID head. He started doing, you know, everything back here in Vegas and he's not going back. The school is opening, but he's decided that he's just going to finish his senior year here so I can understand that.

Yeah. And you know, in Vegas, I wanted to ask you this too. Well, one tell people how to find you before grumpy cuts you off. Yes. That website is just a bit, we just redid it. It's amazing. It has all of my online classes. If you want to learn Real Estate investing,

if you're a first time home buyer and you want to learn, where do I get free money, free money? Where do I get grants? Where do I get the right mortgages? A zero down payment, as you know, the veterans loan, all of that stuff is So You can also find me on Instagram.

I'm on Tik TOK. Now I'm starting to have, Okay. You got to teach me Sister, how to Tik Tok. Cause I don't know how to Tik Tok. We got to get this question in because we're going to get hurt if we don't in Vegas, as I drove around, which I don't go out much, but I drove around the other day and I noticed all these like condos and apartment buildings and you know,

multi-levels starting to come in and it felt like Chicago, you know, it's like all of a sudden we're getting multi-level, we're usually single family and townhouse town. You know, why is that happening in cities like Las Vegas? Do you Know? Well, I do know that some people are wanting to actually live more simply. So they may have, again,

just like the person in New York city. It was like, that's it. I can't live in this tiny little apartment that doesn't even have a kitchen that it just had a coffee maker and a microwave. Now I actually need a real kitchen where I can actually educate my children and work from home and all that kind of stuff. The same thing is also happening for people who had ginormous places and they're reprioritizing,

what do I really need? Could I actually live in a smaller space and actually economize on what I have and what I need? And people are starting to say, well, I don't need that many books. I don't need that many clothes I don't need, because I'm not going into the work. I'm not doing the same stuff. So it's just a change of priorities,

which again is like Real Estate investing. If you are at all interested in the multi-family, this is an amazing time because those people who are in the transitions, they're going to go to rental apartments until they figure it out until we sort all this kind of confusion out. But it's a very good investment for the Real Estate investors. So we're going to get cut off in a minute,

but I just want to make sure people know how to find you. and you've always taught me that it doesn't matter where you are. If you want to be an investor, you can start small and go big or you can be big and go even bigger. Correct? That's right. I always say, go bigger, go bigger, go bigger.

Because you can always be successful. You just need to know the principles Alright before he cuts us off, Just give us one more... I almost got it in I almost got it in. I'll do it for Jennifer. Yay! Jennifer, She was here. Thank you so much, Jennifer Yay Hammond, for being on the show today. If you guys want to reach her, send her an email, reach out by email something on Facebook find her Jennifer is everywhere.

Jennifer J Hammond. I thank you for watching. I hope you'll be here next time. As Always I'm TGo, and I'll talk to you next time. Yay! There's my buddy.

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