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William Anthony Dean Co-founder of Pink Cans 4 Cancer on Expert Talk [email protected]

William Anthony Dean and his co-founder of Pink Cans 4 Cancer Robert Schwendel created Pink Cans 4 Cancer because Cancer affected people close to their hearts. Each of us knows different people affected with this horrible disease and are inspired by the their fight for a cure.

Pink Cans for Cancer is a non profit organization collecting cans, bottles and donations one at a time to raise awareness for breast cancer. Each can, bottle and donation collected supports and unites young women with breast cancer.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know, where you are, the [email protected], with me TGo and today's show is super special and super close to our heart because this is Breast Cancer awareness month. And if you know me at all, if you know MelRose at all, y'all know that we named MelRose, MelRose because of my business partner,

Melissa Rose. And she passed away from Breast Cancer a couple of years ago. So it's very, very close to me. We were at Secret Knock y'all know, I talk about Secret Knock nonstop because it was fun and it was one of the best events ever. And I was able to meet this young man, William Anthony Dean. We call him Tony, but William Anthony Dean.

And he runs an organization that I think is amazing Pink Cans 4 Cancer. So Hey Tony, you out there. I'm here. How are you? I am fantastic. I'm great. And thank you for calling me young. Cause that's a, that's a great compliment. I'll take that and run with it. The only What? 24, 24 Times two. Yes,

yes. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I enjoyed meeting you. I enjoyed listening to your story and being a part of that. And you know, even at Secret Knock Greg Reids, amazing. He did like fundraising for three days and I believe he raised enough money to get a van for Pink Cans 4 Cancer, correct Greg, and all the amazing people who were one donating their time and donating their raffles,

which is their time. They were amazing. But the people that were just buying these things, it's so much money, whether it was the art or, you know, time is Sharon Lechters house, like just amazing. And yes, we raised a lot of money and we will be getting our second Cancer Cancer Van and we will double our impact. So Greg,

everyone had donated everyone who bought stuff. Thank you all we appreciate. You're amazing. And your organization is amazing. I know that you're out on the east coast, you're out in New York area and we're in Vegas. Now Pink Cans 4 Cancer is you have a website. I think it's going by on the screen a couple of times PinkCans4Cancer.org.

But your organization is not quite nationwide yet. Cause I remember asking you if you were in Vegas and you said not quite yet. So if somebody is interested in supporting, do they have to live where you live or can they support from anywhere in the country or the world? And they can support from anywhere in the country that has the 5 cent redemption label on the cans and water bottles.

They can do something at their school. We can send the cans out there. All they do is collect the cans. They recycle them and they donate the money to us. And then we donate money to different causes. So we are based in New York, but if you have a 5 cent redemption label on your water bottles, cans, beers, then you can get involved.

Yeah. See in Vegas, Nevada does not have that 5 cent redemption redemption label on it's cans and they won't let us take a truckload to California either. So There's a lot of people that recycle by weight as well. So there's always a way to get involved. That's awesome. How did you get started with Pink Cans 4 Cancer? What, what made you go,

wait a minute, these two things, this can help this. How did you get started? We were always fundraising the way Breast Cancer. I'm ride called Tour to Pink. We raised maybe a hundred thousand dollars first few years. And over the last few years raised around a million dollars for young women battling with Breast Cancer. When I lost my good friend,

Kristin Martinez over 10 years ago, now we were doing the, the Breast Cancer rides for her. Once we started realizing, you know, fundraising is not easy. It's not an easy business in any way, shape or form. And one morning I was recycling cans. I was always recycling. I'll always kind of been big into it as recycling cans for my son and came in the office.

When my partner Robbie, his mother was in chemotherapy and my other partner, Joe, his mother was unfortunately in hospice. And you know, I just said, man, guys, we gotta do something. We gotta do more. And we, we started Pink Cans 4 Cancer. I we've been recycling cans and water bottles ever since. So if someone is in a state because Nevada is not one of them right now,


We can do it for birthday parties. One of our buddies just did it for his birthday party at yeah, he said, I'm almost 60 birthday party. He said, don't bring gifts. Just bring a bag of cans and hundreds and thousands of cans at his house. We went the next day. We picked them up with the van. We, we recycled them all and all that money went to young women battling Breast Cancer.

So what's like the big plan. You know, you've got this organization, it's going, you're starting to really make a change and more, you know, donations are coming in and all of that. What's your big vision for which direction this is going in. I have a couple of things. One we'd really like for an NFL player to be wearing Pink Cans 4 Cancer on their shoes.

This season one game a year, one day a year, the NFL has nonprofit day. So we'd love to be one of the New York jets got their first win. We'd even take a New York giant love to see one of the players wearing our shoes, which would be an amazing advertisement for us. We'd love to be with the stadium where the Islanders play,

where the Jets play. We're at school, we're in Gilman's beach amphitheater. We'd love to be in your house. You know? So we just want to do as much as we can to help save the planet and help people with Cancer at the same time. So I don't care if you're far left for right vaccs, no vaccs mask, no mask,

no one. And I mean, no one can think it's a good idea to put a water bottle into the ground. And it hasn't been touched in some way, shape or form by Cancer. Right? So all of these two problems, the world will be a much better place. I'm just going to point out that you seem to be a Jet's fan.

I I'm just saying, I kind of heard it in your voice. J E T S Jets! Yes, yes. I am a, a sad and avid Jet fan And not the Giants. We'll we'll even take Not a root against the Giants, you know, but love with Jets. Okay. He kind of looks like we won't get into this cause I'm from Chicago. And so is Allen.

So we're Bears fans. So we will get into that. We just gonna to keep moving on down the road, like we'll keep moving on down the road. So let me ask you, you have a, another organization you're working with other organizations all over, right? But you're, you're starting a relationship with Boy meets Girl. Right? So excited about this new venture,

this new collaboration, the founder of Boy meets Girl is just an amazing woman. And she actually was good friends with Kristin Martinez. So that just makes it even sweeter. But I'm really excited about this new collaboration with them. We're going to be selling stuff on their website and the money and all the profits will go to Pink Cans 4 Cancer, which will end up going back and helping people with Cancer.

So really, really excited about the new collaboration. So keep us in mind and keep looking out for that. I'm not sure when it will happen, but it will be soon. Well, we've got about one minute left. I know he's going to be throwing at one minute, sign up any second now. And I just want to thank you for coming out and hanging out with me for a few minutes.

Y'all sharing during this month because you know, it's a big passion. We're very close to our hearts. I know it's very close to yours and just tell everybody if they're listening where they can reach you, what, what what's your website is just in case of driving down the street and they're listening. Our website is PinkCans4Cancer,

PinkCans4Cancer.org. We're on Instagram or on YouTube. We're all over social media. We like money. We like cans. We also like a like, and a follow. Our, our YouTube game is pretty weak. So we need some help with, and again, like is very valuable on like we appreciate Well, William Anthony Dean, you are the best.

Thanks for jumping on and doing an interview with us really quick. I know we got a bunch of stuff coming. They have no idea. You're going to be coming back in again. I want to thank you so much. We're going to call you Tony. Thank you, Tony, the Jet fan for coming and hanging out with us today. Thank you.

Hey, everybody we did it, we managed to get through without Allen cutting us completely off. As you know, I'm so happy you watched today. I hope you'll come back next time. And as always I'm TGo, I'll talk to you next time.

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