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Episode 10

Generational Wealth - Queenie Wei

Queenie Wei is a social entrepreneur, investor, and wealth coach. She loves to challenge the status quo and believes there is ALWAYS a better solution, the question isn’t whether or not HOW to solve the problem but rather who cares enough to get the job done.

Known as the Chaos Harmonizer, she understands a thing or two about human emotions. She still goes toe to toe with depression and anxiety on the daily but it doesn’t slow her down. Being human means having emotions. Guilt is felt but shame is given and personal finances are SO personal that we can’t help be talking about our emotions and our relationship with money. Queenie brings this to the forefront because she doesn’t believe in “sweeping it under the rug”.

Soul Vibe Capital serves the 99%. Queenie educates and spills the secrets of the 1% in a simplified way that avoids jargon so any average Joe can understand and apply these principles to their life today! Not tomorrow, next week, or next year.

Wealth creation IS for everyone, and if you’re ready to receive, the team at Soul Vibe Capital is here for you. Queenie Wei and her team STANDS with the 99% and continues to level up your financial literacy game.

Queenie doesn’t just educate her students, she elevates the human and their mindset. Because wealth is about becoming, it’s not a checklist of to-dos.

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