What's Stopping you from reaching 7 figures? - Chris Baden - Expert Talk with TGo

Episode 9

What's Stopping you from reaching 7 figures? - Chris Baden

"Million Dollar Dad" Chris Baden shares the secrets to breaking through your comfort zones, stop making excuses and the take actions to grow your business on this episode of Expert Talk with TGo!

Chris is typically thinking about building 3 things at any given moment: a life-long marriage, world impacting family and multi-million dollar businesses. The last three businesses Chris has started have done over $1 million each per year in revenue. In the last 9 years of being self-employed and employing others, he attributes Purpose Driven Prospecting as his key skill to solve problems and add value to others. Chris has thrived in B2B sales, B2C sales, and sales in numerous industries. He was recently featured in a new best seller in 9 different categories called 'Million Dollar Dads'. While business is growing, so is his family! Chris is a father of two boys and a new baby girl. Outside of business, Chris and his wife, Beth, competed on the hit TV Show American Ninja Warrior.

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