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Kelly Cardenas provides the focus needed for 2022 on Expert Talk [email protected]

KELLY CARDENAS is a FORBES contributor, Author, Podcaster, Founder-CEO of a National multi-million dollar Brand, and a Cultural efficiency Coach .

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are, the 9 at 9 with me TGo. And I'm always bringing experts. You know that, but today is so much fun. Is he an expert? Yeah, he's an expert, but he's also that guy that when I'm feeling a little blue, my rhythms a little off, I call him,

I text him and boom. Sometimes I'm in a much better mood and we're going to find out what little tips he has to kind of keep you moving forward. Yup. That's all I'm going to tell you for now. So sit right there. We'll be right back. Expert Talk is sponsored by PodNation TV, the podcast to broadcast network. Hey, welcome back.

You know, like I said, I had to bring somebody in here to just cut my mind. Right? Because you know, new year's Eve, you go yes, new year's and you think, yeah, this great stuff's going to happen instantly. Cause it's new year's day. And then you realize the reality hits and you still gotta work for it.

You still got to earn it. You still got to grow. You still gotta climb. Well, sometimes you get a little down. So what do you do? What do I do? I call Kelly Cardenas and say, what's up brother. What's happening? How Are you doing TGo? I Am good, sir. Not that you're here. I'm even,

better. how are you doing? I'm doing Amazing. Always amazing. Unbelievable. As I Like to say, you know, you're a very successful entrepreneur. You're an award-winning, you know, bestselling author. You got one of the best podcasts out there. According to Forbes. I'm so jealous. And at the same time, the one thing I always want to say,

when I introduce you is super dad. It doesn't matter what's going on. If the kids have got something going on, Kelly says, hold that thought I'll be right back. That's amazing. You're such a cool dad. Well, I want to thank you for that. I mean, that's probably the, that's what I always wanted to be. I wanted to be a tee-ball dad,

a football dad, a softball dad, whatever it was, but I wanted dad attached to it. You know, you're always up and I know you have your down days like everybody else. Cause I believe you're human. Like the rest of us. I don't know. I might need to get you tested. You might be a superhero, but you're always up.

I can re write, you, call you anytime. And you're like, boom, let's, let's get focused. Let's go. What keeps you focused? What gets you out of those dark moments? If, and when you have Well, it's a preface. It let you know. I believe it's, you know, right around the first of the year and my dad,

which is my best friend in the whole entire world, January or December 19th passed away. He went to heaven. And one of the things that people ask me about is how is it that you could stay up during this time? And a quote hit me yesterday that said, if you believe so heavily in heaven, how could you be mad that someone goes there?

And it was, it went back to the point that my dad taught me very early on, that you choose joy. And that the success is always in the seed. It's not in the harvest. The seeds that you plant will give you the harvest. He would take an apple TGo and he would hold it. And he would say, how many seeds are in this apple?

And I would say like eight or 10. And he would say, how many apples are in the seed? And he said, invest in the seed son. And that seed was always joy, always choosing joy and always planting joy, everywhere that I went. And I found that then I never had to worry about the harvest. No, I totally understand that.

And I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how rough that can be. I've lost both my parents. And recently we've had a couple of family members pass away as well. So it does knock you over. And somebody told me a long, long time ago, it's not the death that really hurts. It's saying goodbye. And I was like,

ah, it is. So when going back to you and the seeds and the harvest, do you think having that strong foundation of already planting the seeds and already building on that gave you the strength to get through that dark moment about your dad? I mean, for me it was a, it was amazing because it was a light situation. I mean,

not to say I wasn't sad. I'm a human being, but the reason why I prefaced it that way is because a lot of times people see me and they see me smiling and they see joy and they don't. They think that the circumstances are all exactly what I want them to be. They're not, but when we choose joy, we, we extract ourselves from circumstance and my dad taught me my whole life.

He told me three things growing up. You're awesome. You're beautiful. You can do anything as long as it's in line with your purpose. And those things set me up for when he was moving on to another realm. And honestly, like if I tried to wish him back, he would be like, no boy, I'm in a good place right now.

I'm walking on streets of gold. So I think that when we, as opposed to, you know, going high and low with happiness or sadness based off circumstance, we could simply choose joy. And that joy is always in the seeds that we plant. I love, I love that. So let me ask you this. Some people, you know,

like one of my, my oldest grandson, he's a basketball phenom. I would say he was born with a basketball in his hand because he's just, that's what he knows he's going to do. I'm hoping that he gets more hype because I don't know if he'll get to the pros because of its height, but he's amazing. I've watched them take people that are 10 years older than him play against pros and he's holds his own.

My, my thing is other people having a clue, they get in their thirties, their forties, their fifties, and they never find that thing, that thing, what am I here for everybody? I'm told that I'm here for a purpose for a reason. I can't find it. I don't know what the heck I'm supposed to do, but I know I hate my day job.

I know this, isn't it. So what would you tell them? I think the easiest way. And it's a, it's a very simple recipe to be able to figure out your purpose. Number one, identify your gifts. And once you identify them, go give them away to every single person you possibly can. I learned very early on TGo that my gift was to find out what other people were good at.

Let them shine in that area and seriously, just to make people happy. And when I did that, I continued to give away my gift everywhere. And it was like, opportunities just continued to flow, but I wasn't looking for the opportunity. I was simply looking to contribute. And you know, with, with the seed part of it again, like my friend told me the other day,

ther day, this was October of:

you need to prepare because the seeds is going to take a long time to be able to come into fruition. Can't plant an Oak tree today and then try and climb it tomorrow. So what I would suggest is identify your gifts, go give them away, but don't look for the harvest right now. When you take the, the seeds, which will be the things that you read,

the things you come in contact with the people, then you take and you water them. The harvest is inevitably going to come, but it will only come based off the seed that you planted. You can't plant apples and get oranges. Dang. That's what I'm doing wrong. No, so now I know people are out there and they're going this guy,

give it away, come on. You know, I'm not giving anything away. You know, I'm not that believer. I believe in giving it away. I know it all comes back around, but a lot of people don't realize that what's stopping them is the fact that they're so worried about what they're holding onto. Back in the day, I used to be a sales director,

many, many moons ago. And one of the first things I did was take somebody into wherever there's a faucet and have them put their fist under the water. And it's like, where's the water go? And they're like around my hand and I'm like, open it a little bit. Where's the water go? And they're like, through my hand, I'm like,

you get way more returns and way, more positive things in your life. If you stop choking life out, trying to hold on and just learn the flow. And do you think about that? Because I know a lot of people are going, I'm not giving away a thing. They're going to pay me for everything. Well, you know, even Michael Jordan played for free for many,

many years before he got with the bulls. People don't understand that. How do we get them to understand that? Well, I think it's investing, right? I mean, it's the investment. I think it's the difference between a transaction and relationship. I don't want to have a transaction with TGo. That's not what I looked for when you and I met.

Our relationship is being solidified over almost. And I can't believe this. And I don't know if you realize this it's coming up on a year, that we've been friends and I forced that upon you. I told you I was going to force you to be my friend. What's amazing in this time is you and I have not done official business together. Although I'm not afraid of that.

I'm not afraid of that because I know that by being your friend for years and years and years, and by being a lifetime in a relationship, then transactions will happen. But if I look for the transaction, the relationship will never be established. I totally agree with that. Now I've got a question for you because I also feel like very successful people also get stuck.

They do the same thing over and over and over again. They almost get spoiled because it's always been easy. You know, this is what I do. And then things come along like many, many years ago, I used to know a guy that third generation, they had a carburetor company. They'd never learned anything else. We do carburetors. That's what we do.

And then low and behold, they stopped putting carburetors in cars and it put them out of business because they never looked right in front of themselves and said, maybe we should learn about, you know, transmissions or air systems or something so we can stay in business. What about successful businesses that just are waiting for the bad times to pass and get back to the good instead of looking at what's right in front of them?

Well, I think there's a three-prong situation. And it's funny that you say it because this, this is the next book that is coming out. And what it is is we already talked about the first one, be kind like contribute to everyone, try and walk into a situation, not taking, just looking to contribute. I always want to look in our relationship TGo.

I want to find out how I can add value to your life. Number two, we already talked about it. You got to make friends, you got to make tons and tons and tons and tons of friends. And the last one will be almost natural, which will be stay curious. And when you stay curious, when I met you, I was curious about how you're a juggernaut in what it is that you do,

helping people to be able to take their podcast to broadcast. I'm curious about that. I don't know how to do it. I don't have your skillset, but you know, I've got a friend who does, and in as high-level successful entrepreneurs, we need to stay curious. And that will take us to the next level. Oh, this time went too fast.

Allen's already put up the one minute, mark. He's going to cut us off soon. You guys go check out [email protected]. He's my friend going to come back on here again. We're going to have him just drop a little knowledge from time to time. Thank you so much, brother, for being on the show. Peace love and soul. Hey everybody. I hope you enjoyed this episode.

You know, I hope you'll be back next time, which is probably tomorrow. Cause we're five days a week. And as always I'm TGo, I'll talk to you next time.

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