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Krystylle Richardson speaks on Wealth Innovation for 2022 on Expert Talk [email protected]

Krystylle Richardson believes that innovative application of knowledge is one of the keys to freedom in all areas of life. Founder of Echelon Leadership Institute for children, youth and young adults, Richardson Klein School of Innovation, & WOIII Women of Innovation & Impact International.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are, the Expert Talk 9 at 9 with me TGo. And you know, I love bringing experts and I love bringing VIP experts. And today we've got a really cool one. today. Krystylle Richardsons is here and we're going to talk about wealth, innovation, wealth. Where's Krystylle taking us today.

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Yeah, you heard me, right. Krystylle Richardson is here. She's going to talk about wealth innovation. It's the new year. Of course. She's going to talk about wealth Krystylle, where you at? I'm right here on right here with you TGo really great to be here with you.

It's really great to have you. And I love the orange. You look amazing. You always do, but I gotta, I gotta get a fancier t-shirt or something. Let's talk to production. Oh, wait. That's me. It's the new year, you know, we got through the holidays. Some people are freezing. Some people, you know,

we just had Jennifer Hammond on she's sitting by the water. We're not going to talk about it. What's going on? What's this about wealth innovation? What do you mean? Yeah. So first of all, thank you for having me on and nine minutes, really. Like, I really just want to pack a whole bunch in here, but really appreciate being able to be here.

So wealth innovation, I am a healthcare and wealth innovation strategist. And so what is that? And I'm glad you asked, well, innovation simply is using your mind using what you have to create the life that you want and having the impact that you want in the world. And being able to do that by having that impact provide income for you.

So there's various ways that you can have multiple streams of income, but how do you do that with traditional methods? A lot of people, a lot of things that, that everyone else does, but I'm talking about wealth innovation. So using your mind to go out on the edge and to do something different and do something new to create the life that you want,

and the multiple streams of income will come. So you're talking about being creative in your financing and building your business, not just following what Bob does or Jan does or so-and-so does, but actually coming at it from a new, innovative, aha light bulb innovative way. Yes. Yes. And there's a couple of different ways to look at that TGo.

es that we'll be launching in:

But did you know that there's like, what about 57, 57 million people right now that are, are, are millionaires. And that that's a lot of people to be millionaires. And so part of that is because maybe they use a little bit of wealth innovation. Maybe they've just gone on along and tagged on to what someone else was doing. But that represents like $191 trillion dollars.

That's a lot of money. And so if we have where we look at ourselves, where, where we came from, where we want to go, what, what traits that we have, what knowledge that we have, what is our network, who are people that we have in our 360? And I can explain that like all of these different things go into us,

creating our own and designing our own wealth formula. And so when we don't try to copycat other people, if we go based on our strengths and learn the things that are our weaknesses that we want to learn and then having where we hire the rest, and then the possibilities are endless for us to be able to have exactly what we want in our life,

to be able to have it be exciting and thrilling. And maybe you'll make some mistakes, but guess what? All of those are things that are not failures they're they are ways for us to, from Those. So I know people are out there going, okay, how do I find out is Krystylle going to teach me? Where do I find this?

So guys go to You know what to do. She's a VIP expert, click on Krystylle's face all of her information there. Just go ahead and reach out to her because I know Krystylle, the things she's talking about today, she'll have another course for you. She'll teach you your way. You won't get lost because I get people hitting me all the time that says,

I'm not creative. I know a to B to C, I need somebody to shine a light on the path. I know Krystylle was going to say not true. Go ahead, go ahead. That's true. Because TGo, we all have so many different things down inside of us. We just sometimes need people to pull it out. And a number of us,

you, you know how it is as being like a coach where you can do all of this for others, but then when it's time to do it for ourselves, it sometimes gets lost in the, in the weeds. And so what I do is to help unleash people's freedom, formulas, by helping them to design their wealth formula. And I am talking about,

you know, math and equations, because it is an equation and everyone's equation is different. So if somebody is watching this and they're going, I, I started a business during COVID, you know, I just kind of fell on it and I started doing it at home and people liked it. And now it's growing, but I don't really know what I'm doing.

Could they come to you? Are you looking for like entrepreneurs that's been at this for years and you just want to take them to the next level? Yeah. So it's a little bit of both. It depends on what circle I'm in at the time, for instance, we're having an event in April and a castle. And so for that particular one,

there's various things that we're offering for people who are already seasoned and don't need coaching, but want to have that experience of doing, doing what they do best. And being on that stage in a castle, they can do that. Other people, they need to have coaching. So we do actually serve and service to different, to different elements of people.

So yes, I do work with the, with people who are just starting out and don't really know what to do, or they have an idea. And, and guess what partly what I do is depending on what that idea is when we do the biz workup, which is a part of build that biz When we do that,

a number of times we have gone into something totally different for them to do first to make that first dollar, as opposed to what they came to me for. Because the innovative mind in the way that I do a spider diagram is what I call it of all the different, different aspects of their life and of their knowledge and of their circle of their 360.

Then we sometimes get into the fact that what they came to me for can potentially wait till maybe phase three or phase four of their plan, because they need to do something else. If they're going to be able to make some, some quicker. No, I get it. And for me, you guys, I'm going to tell you, right. Krystylle has become a really close friend of mine really fast.

And it's like, she is a navigator, you know, I'm super creative. I come to her with things and she goes, yeah, but what about this? And I go, wait a minute, hold on. I didn't think of that. You need somebody in your life like Krystylle, whether you're just getting started. You like me being an entrepreneur for a thousand years,

you need someone like her. So make sure you go to and click on her picture and find out how to get in touch with her. Because you know, this is only nine minutes. So we can only give you the big overview. You need to reach out to Krystylle and talk to her. So for the person that's sitting there going,

I don't get it, but I get it. You know, they're afraid that they don't want to waste your time. They, you say contact you anyway, because you have a team and all of that. Right. Right. I do. And I have other people that I can refer them to, but I do love to just have those initial conversations with people.

And so, you know, they would be able to schedule a time with me to have that initial conversation. And then it might be that they're able to be in one of my paid programs or one of my free programs. It just kind of all depends on what it is that they want to do with their business. But I, I, what I want to do,

what I want to tell you is something that TGo mentioned about coming to me to be the navigator. Okay. So there's, there's people, even people that I consider mentors and we have been on, on-camera doing a different event and they introduced me as their mentor because of the fact that, and these are people who have had exits of billions of dollars because we get into conversations and,

and it's, it's a back and forth exchange. Sometimes I challenge whatever it is that they say, and they challenge whatever I say. And then it's, it's appreciated because if you have some of that wisdom, some of that knowledge, you can use it to even help people that are considered your mentors. And it was just a great honor to have that happen to me a number of times.

Yeah. I mean, I've seen you control an entire room of major, you know, entrepreneurs and successful people from around the world. And they just, if you could heard a pin drop because you stand there and go, wait a minute, have you thought of this? And we all went, what did she just say? Wait a minute, hold on.


I can not tell you where the castle is because it's a secret, but we're going to be doing media mastery. We're going to do a sizzle reel for you. We're going to do intro videos. We're going to help you with your confidence and help you with your delivery and how to use your hands and a number of different things drew doing of the things that you do during media.

But if you already have all that and just want to hang out in a cool castle and have some amazing photographs and videos, you can do that too. So it's going to be a great time with the ladies. I've already had a number of men ask me, when is the one for men? And so we are going to have that. This first one is in April at a castle.

You don't want to miss it. All right, Krystylle, I thank you for hanging out in January. This is our first one. She's already agreed to come back for next month. So you guys make sure you come and check it out. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you come back next time. And as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to you next time.

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