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Kyle Bergthold the Head of Marketing for on Expert Talk 9@9

Kyle Bergthold is an entrepreneur from Kansas City, MO who graduated from UALR with a Spanish and Business Degree. He's been a successful investor and likes to build and invent things in his spare time. He quit his job as a bartender to start his own marketing business after he turned $8,000 into $180,000 in the stock and crypto market. Kyle started his own company called Food Funnels where he helped restaurants build a list of regulars and grow sales with Facebook Ads and Chatbots. He has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI. Kyle's clients were some of the most successful restaurants in their respective cities and he helped them gain choke holds in their local markets online. Kyle is currently Head of Marketing for, a SaaS startup that helps restaurants save thousands of dollars a month in commission fees with their own branded online ordering portal with automated marketing built right in.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know where you are the 9@9 with me TGo. And as always, I love bringing experts to the table. They talk about everything from finance, to cooking, to building your business to what's coming up in the new year. And today, today, we're going to talk about how to expand your brand,

what that word marketing means. Cause I met this young man at Secret Knock recently, you guys know I love secret knock and the reason I first walked up to him, he's got the coolest hair and beard I've ever seen. Kyle Kyle Bergthold is here. I here, I'm here. There he is there. You see, he's got the coolest hair and beard I've ever seen.

This guy is so cool. So let's talk about, you know, I looked at your bio and I went Hmm. Spanish and business. What made you make that combination in the first place? Yeah, definitely. So I always loved Spanish growing up. I lived in San Antonio and I was wanting to learn to speak it. And so I've studied a lot in high school and decided to major in it.

And then about halfway through learning Spanish, I realized that I was learning to be a Spanish teacher and that's about it. There wasn't a lot of value I could bring to the marketplace. So I combined it with business and ended up double majoring in entrepreneurship, small business management with Spanish. That's amazing. So are you using Spanish to reach Spanish owned businesses?

Because you know, over 70% of YouTube viewers don't speak English around the world, you know, are you using it to create products for Spanish businesses as well? Are you mainly focused on the English market? So mainly focused on the English market. Although I have done, we have run like Facebook ads in Spanish for and, and yeah, I mean,

I do like sales calls in Spanish and stuff for people who request it. I just did an onboarding call in Spanish yesterday. So it definitely comes in handy to speak Spanish. For sure. You know, I do a lot of cruises and we go to, you know, to Mexico alive, you need to come so you can explain and get me a better deal when all the stuff I buy out in town.

I'm just kidding. Let's talk about the fact that you went from bartender to marketing expert. Why, how, and there's somebody out there that goes, wait a minute, I'm a bartender. I would love to do that. How did you do that? Yeah, it definitely wasn't easy. So I was, I bartended for years. I also managed to,

ting into cryptocurrencies in:

And so I quit bartending and I took out $40,000 to live for a year while I taught myself marketing. And what I did was I just, I started polyphasic sleeping where I would sleep from midnight to 3:30 and I would take two 20 minute naps, one from 10:50 to 11:10 AM and another from 4:50 to 5, 10:00 PM. And I would wake up at 3:30 every morning and read for two hours.

I have a huge library here. I read everything on, you know, mindset first, so self-improvement and personal development. And then I read a bunch of sales books. I read a bunch of copywriting and advertising books and it was really just, that was waking up and just steadily reading for two hours every day. And, and then I, I learned click funnels and web design and yeah,

just started teaching myself all these different software integrations and, and yeah, just one thing led to another, but I was very lucky to have, you know, had the money to quit my job. Right. So, Yeah, that's amazing. Okay. But you could have went anywhere, you know, you made this money, you could have decided to go in any direction.

What made you decide to go towards marketing and funnels? I mean, you're talking my language, you know, I could sit here and talk to you all day about WordPress and click funnels and tech and SAS. And I'm sure there are people out there going right now going, what the heck are they talking about? What made you decide to go that way?

Yeah, it was, it was a small business management course that I took, it was called business planning at EULAR. That really got me thinking about how I could start my own business. I had, you know, we designed a sleep mask from scratch and I won't get too into it, but basically to build a, you know, a product and bring it to market.

And that was what we did in this class. And I'd led my group and, and we had a very successful launch with it. And so I always knew that I wanted to do something more than bartending. Right. And so that was why whenever I, I knew that like whenever I eventually quit my job, that's what I wanted to do is start my own business.

And if you're going to start your own business, you better be damn good at sales and marketing. Right. So that's what I did Big, quite a few people that go sales what's that it's like, wait a minute, hold on. How do people even know where you are? But you took all of that information and all your experience in restaurants in bartending and you initially started building funnels that were for food based,

right? Yes. Yeah, exactly. Well, no, at first I worked with a realtor lawyer, dentist. Wow. Had a couple of restaurant owners, but yeah, I was working more for like service businesses. And then I took a, a course online by Sam Ovens called consulting accelerator. And he basically really hammered in the idea that you need to niche down.

Right. Cause specialists make more money. And so I realized if I niche down into a very specific niche market, I could charge more. And, and I really understood restaurants really well. And I knew a lot of restaurant owners. And so that's what I did. I niched down and I started a company called food funnels, building a custom chat bots for restaurants to do their marketing and,

and then combined with Facebook ads. So do you consider yourself a Facebook expert? Yeah. I mean, yeah, definitely. That's what I that's like. You know, I always say that there's T-shaped marketers, right? Google calls them. T-shaped people were like, I have a really good understanding of like sales and advertising and media buying and copywriting and business strategy and all of these things.

But I go really deep in Facebook ads. That's what I spend a lot of time reading about learning about plus I'm in the trenches every day. Right. I spend thousands of dollars a day. So that's the best way to learn. Right. It's not taking a course. It's doing So food funnels grew to being owners, Correct. So what happened was whenever COVID hit the restaurant industry and hospitality industry in general just took a huge hit.

Right? And so I had a lot of my, my customer, my clients differing, where they were like, Hey, you know, we're having to close down. There's no in-store dining. We can't pay you anymore. And so I went from making like $12,000 a month to $1,800 a month. And so I, I needed to, I was trying to figure out like,

okay, what am I going to do? I can pivot, you know, I have the skill set I can pivot into, you know, working with different people. I don't have to work with restaurant owners anymore. And it was around that time that a young entrepreneur named Adam Guild reached out to me and he had started a company called place pool.

And he asked me if I'd be interested in auditing his Facebook account. And, and he, you know, we talked and I told him, I think I could lower his cost to acquire a customer after auditing his account. And so I started contracting with him and, and I ended up taking the, you know, our, their, their cost to acquire customer from $860 to under $400.

Wow. So cut it in half. And it was just from plugging holes in the way that their Facebook campaign was architectured and, you know, just having good copy. And I know how to speak to restaurant owners. Right. And if you know how to speak to the desires and fears and pain points that your, your ideal customer, your avatar is experiencing,

o people are watching this in:

They may be going, what's a, COVID, hopefully that's the case, but right now we're still in it. You know, if you're a restaurant owner and you're going, man, I need to talk to this guy. Maybe he can help me. How do they find you? What do they do? Yeah, definitely. I would go to

and you'll see a layout page there where you can watch a video of our testimonials. There's a collage video, and you can get a breakdown of everything that we do. It's basically an all-in-one marketing platform for restaurants. And it, it combines everything that, that independent restaurant owners need to succeed online, to own their restaurant online. So what a lot of people don't know is if they order through GrubHub and DoorDash new breeds,

and these third-party platforms, they actually charge 15% plus 30% commissions to the restaurant owner. So they're charging on both because they're marrying the consumer to business, right? And so we do, as we build out a direct online ordering platform, branded to independent restaurants where their customers can order directly from them without having to pay 30% commissions. And it has the,

a lot of marketing features baked right in and guest loyalty points, automated email, and text marketing list, lead capture, landing pages, conversion, rate, optimization, search engine optimization, everything that they need. Wow. That's amazing. You know, I know Allen's going to cut me off at any second now, but I'm sure somebody out there is going well,

I don't own the restaurant. Get in touch with Kyle, get in touch with him, go to or go to, you know, to his website and say, Hey, you know, can you help me? I'm a lawyer. I'm a doctor. I'm a dentist. Cause this is where he started. So I'm sure he can help you with your Facebook ad.

Really Allen, for real? I'm sure Kyle can help you. So you guys go to We're going to get Kyle to come back on and talk to a wider range when he's in restaurants, what he does when we wanted to start, I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you'll come back next time. And as always I'm TGo, and I'll talk to you next time. Really Allen? We were this close.

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