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Episode 45

Martha Adams shares her proven wealth-building techniques with the world on ET [email protected]

After a successful fifteen-year career building her independent wealth management practice, Martha Adams has taken her experience out of the boardroom in order to share her proven wealth-building techniques with the world. Martha is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), financial educator, international bestselling author and speaker. As the author of Cleopatra’s Riches: How to Earn, Grow, and Enjoy Your Money to Enrich Your Life and international keynote and motivational speaker, Martha is spreading the message of a Positive Financial Conversation and true Financial EmPOWERment™ by combining self-development techniques with real financial knowledge.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know, where you are, the [email protected] with me TGo. And as always at every show, I bring an expert and every expert is special, but today's super special. One because she's a friend of mine, Martha Adams, on top of that, she's a finance expert and we're in November. So we're coming up to the end of the year.

Did you hit your financial goals that you even understand them were great to start a new year? And we wanted to add a touch with wife and say, Hey, what should we be doing? What pieces I was missing? Martha are you out there? I'm right here. It's so good to see you. Thank you for having me. It's so good to have you here.

And before we get started, you know, everybody's going, Hey, that's Cleopatra. Yes, you are that bestselling author. We're going to throw the book up there in a minute, but you're that best selling author. And everybody knows you from Cleopatra's Riches and all of that. Can you start by telling us how you managed to write that book? Why you wrote that book?

Well, my why really was making the financial conversation accessible, approachable, and applicable to more people. That's exactly what I did in my boardroom as an independent wealth manager. And so I wanted to make my boardroom accessible to more people. And that's exactly why I wrote Cleopatra's riches so that we could connect to a different, a more meaningful conversation around riches in our lives.

Okay. So yes, for years you were working with corporations, probably all over the world. I can imagine. I can see you in the boardroom, having people just leaning forward in their chairs, going, oh my God, she's talking to me. What made you decide to change that path? Cause you could have done that. And you're very successful.

What made you say, you know what? I'm missing a mass audience that needs this information. Why did you take that risk and step out and do that? You know, I, you bring up a really good point. I was very comfortable in my boardroom. That was, it became a very safe space for me, but I recognized that it wasn't about me.

It wasn't about me. It was through me. And so it then became my responsibility, a beautiful responsibility to make a difference. And that's why I left the comfort of my boardroom to bring this conversation to more people. And a lot of people are watching this. Some people are starting their entrepreneurial journey. Some have been doing this for quite some time.

They've gotten into their comfort zone. They're happy. They know they can do this or do that. And they're going to, and maybe they have family. Maybe they have kids. You're a Mom. You took that risk. What would you say to someone else who says, I know I could be serving a much bigger audience. I'm just scared to step out there.

What would you tell them? I think there's a difference between being scared and being afraid. You know, being scared is what can be a fleeting feeling, right? It's temporary fear is something that is more concrete. It then controls our thoughts and our actions. So when you have that feeling of, of being scared, embrace it, understand it, understand where it's coming from and that's,

what's going to allow you to break through it with action. Fear is something very different. So being scared is okay because it's, it's just it's for that little bit. And then you're going to be able to break through it with action, prove something different to yourself. That's, that's what I believe in. And that's what I try to practice every day.

So you're a certified financial planner. We know that. And there's a lot of people out there that are in your field, but you're focused on the missing piece, that missing piece and find it. What is the missing piece other than, you know, TGo needs more money in our pockets. We're not talking about that today. What is the missing piece in finance that you're focused on?

Well, the missing piece is really in our own human experience around money is when we talk about money. We're often talking about our financial literacy in the way that we understand managing our money and the different aspects of it. That's what we've been taught. But if that makes a human experience, right, it's something that we've seen an experience to all our lives.

So if you think about any life event of yours, bringing up on the screen of your mind, anything that immediately comes up on, on the screen of your mind, whether it is, you know, a small life event, medium, large, and, and its significance, chances are money. Was there, it played a role in some way,

shape or form. And with that came your emotional associations. And so when we simply focus on financial literacy, we really are removing the most important piece, right? Which has become the missing piece, which are really is our emotional intelligence around money in our life. When we include that, we bring ourselves back into the conversation. Okay. So speaking of all,

back into the conversation, you know of everybody, you guys know me, I keep it real. So my parents literally were sharecroppers when they were kids. Okay. They were labor workers, their entire lives. So they didn't even trust banks. You know, my father trust the cookie jar, Morty trusted a bank. So how did you get break away from generations of being told,

oh no, you don't want to invest. You don't want to worry about financial plan, just live paycheck to paycheck and you'll be okay. How do you break your mindset of going no, no, no, no, no, no. There's gotta be a better way. That's such a great question because we can do that using one word, empathy,

empathy for yourself and for the characters in your story. Now that comes to understanding. So you want to understand where the messages that you received came from and right where their messaging came from. So when your father was sharing that with you, how were his emotional associations built? Now, when you understand that when you have empathy for yourself and you have empathy for the characters in your story,

you can now invoke the most powerful idea, right? Which is your power of choice. So now you can choose what serves you and perhaps release then what doesn't. And you can do that with gratitude, for what you've learned in the process. This is how you change the game. Wow. Now I've got to ask, you know, I always ask this question,

is that ever too soon? Is it ever too late? You know, how can you, are you too young or too old? What's the perfect age? Or is there one or learning? You know, finance? Yeah. The perfect time is now. The perfect time is now. Start the conversation because it belongs to you once you've started it. All you've got to do is continue.

It, it doesn't matter the age. It doesn't matter. The life circumstance. What matters is your choice. Okay. Okay. I get that. Al Allen's already put up the two minute warning. It's like, I know he's cutting us short. I know he is. But before we run out of time and he cuts us off for people that are out there driving or walking,

listening to this, how do they find you? If you go to www.MarthaAdams,, get take you right to my site. A lot of free resources there. I'd love to see you visit. And you're coming to Vegas. This is my hometown. You're coming to Vegas in a few weeks, right? You're going to be here with Bill Walsh.

What's that about? I am. I will be at his Ultimate Wealth Camp, December 12th to 14th. I, there are, I believe still a few seats available. So if you look up Ultimate Wealth Camp, I'd love to invite you to look into tickets for that, an incredible lineup at that event. Wow. I can't wait to see you. We'll be there.

We'll be screaming. Martha Martha in the audience. I'm so happy. You could take out, could take out time for this interview because I know how super busy you are. And I appreciate it. I hope you'll come back soon because we just got started talking about finance. We did get started and I would be honored to continue the conversation TGo. Thank you so much for having me.

Thanks for being here. You guys go to to find out more information. She's the motivator... Really Allen? She's a motivational speaker, an author, she's a financial certified financial planner. And she's super cool. I would tell you the nickname we have for what I promised. I wouldn't do that on the air I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you'll come back next time.

And as always I'm TGo, I'll talk to you next time. Really Allen? Really?

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