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Episode 43

Philip C. Agrios best-selling author & speaker teaches us how to achieve self-mastery on ET [email protected]

Philip C. Agrios, DC, DACBSP is a Top Performance Specialist, as well as a best-selling author & speaker, who teaches his clients how to have more influence and freedom to achieve self-mastery in everything they do. His discovery of the “F.I.T.” Model allows him to quickly and precisely pinpoint the blocks that surround people in their professional and personal life.

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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know where you are. The [email protected] with me TGo and you know, I love bringing experts and I bring experts from all walks of life. And today is no different. Today is actually going to be really, really cool. We're going to talk about something called fit and we're not talking about fitness.

ys are watching this thing in:

and everybody's going to be thinking about FIT. But when you say the word FIT, you're not talking about how much Turkey we're eating on Thursday. Are you Not at all? Fit is a, it stands for Freedom, Influence and Transformation. And the reason why we feel that we don't have freedom is because of the blocks that are stopping us from succeeding. And those blocks are really due to a protective trait that we're born with.

And I call it the inborn sabotaging trait. So that's really stopping us from moving forward and the inborn sabotage trait doesn't stop us. It doesn't undermine us, but it actually stops us from the success that we are seeking. Cause that success subconsciously is more painful. So what happens? We just stay in our regular ineffective behavior and that's what the inborn sabotaging traits all about.

Okay. So are you telling me that when people are talking about this is that's what blocking us from success? Yeah, I didn't believe it either. There are actually only three inborn sabotaging traits. Oh four, the seven, 8.8 billion people in the world. I didn't believe it either. So I went out to try to disprove it. And in 30 years of thousands and thousands of people,

I couldn't, I actually was able to find a way to switch that trait off instantly. And it works a hundred percent of the time. And again, I'm from Jersey. When you tell me this works a hundred percent of the time, I'm going to call you out and go BS. So I know, and my reputation is very important. So I went out to try to make sure this work and to this day,

whether you're a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company or a child, this works, okay, Okay, wait a minute. You say you're from New Jersey. You know, I'm from Chicago, you know, east of the Rockies, we don't play that. What are you telling me, doc? Is this something that you got to do before, you know,

middle school, high school college? Or is this something that once you teach it, no matter where you are, I just turned 58. You teach it to me. I'm going to figure this out. There's no limit in age Immediately. Exactly. Excuse me. So what's happening is, is that the inborn sabotaging trait is the exact opposite to the antidote.

So when you use your antidote, which is a one sentence solution, it tells you to do one thing. And when you do that, you can't sabotage your business, your career or your personal life. So when we go through the process, when you actually focus on this one thing, it's like this. If I have my front hand, right?

Can you see my back hand? No, I can't see it. And you see my front hand. So if I have, let's say a block and like, oh, I'm fearful or whatever, you're feeling stressed. I want to get rid of it. I'm trying to get rid of the front hand, my front hand. I can't, I never can get rid of my front hand unless I get rid of the entire hand.

So that's your inborn sabotaging trait. That's there to protect you. And when you switch it over and use the antidote, you no longer can have the, the inborn sabotage trait affect you. And you must go into a growth phase. So when you start to release your personal professional power and you start to feel uncomfortable, that inborn sabotaging trait kicks in to protect you because you feel it's going to be more painful.

But what I tell people, when you feel that resistance or negative feeling get excited because you're ready to evolve and imagine knowing exactly why you feel uncomfortable, use it, and then switch it into the antidote. You can now immediately move into a growth phase. Okay. I'm getting it. I'm understanding. But how do you know? Like when I reach out to you and I say,

okay, doc, I know I have blocks. I know I'm stopping myself from certain things. Fear is keeping me from opening that door. How do you know what the fears are hard to help me? How do you get, help me get past that block? Well, two things, depending on whether or not, if you and I just talking, I can ask you a few questions so they can get to a very quickly or people can go and take a nine question quiz.

And in a minute they can get their inborn sabotaging trait in the antidote for free. Once they see that, they'll know how they go into protection and then how to move from protection to growth in order to evolve and succeed in the path that they're looking for. Wait a minute. So we've been flashing a phone number going by here the last few minutes,

right? Go ahead and give them that phone number. Cause some people may be driving. They're going, wait a minute. What is he talking about? I can't pull over It's 7 3 2 3 3 8 7 3 7 7. And you want to go into your message and you want to text gift G I F T to 7 3 2 3 3 8 7 3 7 7. And you'll do this. You'll get a gift as well as the link to the,

to the quiz. So you can get your inborn sabotaging trait antidote, and finally realized down to the core of why you're blocking yourself from the success that you're seeking. Now, everybody knows, you know, we're in our almost 200 episode of Expert Talk and everybody knows I don't bring experts on you guys know me. I don't bring experts on that are going to pull you chain or try to trick you or anything like that.

Dr. A is super cool. I met him the Secrets at Secret Knock I've actually taken the quiz and he's not joking. You really can't take this in a few minutes and the answer comes and nobody's going to come knocking on your door or calling you every two minutes and bugging the heck out of you. He's really here to help. So are you only talking to entrepreneurs?

Are you talking to people that maybe have a fear of, you know, just expanding in their business or maybe communicating with their teenage grandson? Like me, my grandson 15 going on 30. Are you talking to us? Yes. I'm talking to you talking to anybody. I usually work with business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs worldwide, but I've had teenagers take this.

I've taken. I've had people, parents have different relationships between their child and the parent because now they understand the exact reason why the child's acting out or what's happening and they can support them in the way they need to be supported. Not in a way they thinking the person needs to how to, how to understand your child. It can be business owners.

I've helped save marriages where now the spouses understand each other. It's not that they don't like each other. They don't like what each other is doing. So you can really understand the other person by understanding their inbound sabotage trait and then using their antidote. And we can, we can eliminate conflict or decrease it very quickly. That's amazing. You're also a best-selling author.

Can you tell everybody what the title of your book is and where they can find it? It's a, life's one law. You can go to That's and you can get the book right there and you get a gift once you order it on my website. And before Allen cuts us off that you want them to text gift to what's the number of 7 3 2 3 3 8 7 3 7 7 Doc.

I appreciate you coming on. You know, I love talking to you. I know I'm going to have you come back. People are going to say, is he for real? Yeah. Dr. A's for real. You guys go check that out. Text gifts to 7 3 2 3 3 8 7 3 7 7. And we're going to get Dr. A to come back on here. We're going to go even deeper.

So thank you so much, doc. I love hanging out with you and Hey, Allen I was this close. Hey everybody. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you'll come back next time and it's always, I'm TGo and I'll talk to you next time.

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