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Episode 42

Sabine Niederberghaus is the Founder and CEO of the Equine Leadership on Expert Talk [email protected]

Sabine Niederberghaus is the Founder and CEO of the Equine Leadership Program (ELP) in Topanga, California. Her program is a unique alternative to equine therapy, in which she guides her clients through bonding and trust building exercises with the horses to build leadership and interpersonal skills.

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Hey, everybody. Welcome to the show. You know, where you are, the [email protected], what me TGo. And you know, I love bringing experts and I love being in people that you don't take something beautiful and turn it into something wonderful. And today is no different because today we have Sabine Niederberghaus here, and she's going to talk about equestrian and the level of horses and how it helps us with stress Savina.

You're out there. Good morning. Hey, how are you? It's so good to see you. You and I have been trying to do this since well, Secret Knock. Exactly. That's where it all started. Exactly. That's where it all started. And you told me, you said I have horses on my ranch and I work with horses. So I immediately thought,

you know, you did the little pony rides and the kids came over and you know, this kind of stuff. And you showed me news reports and wonderful programs. And you're helping people right now. And, and you know, I know that right now we're live and you know, COVID is quote, unquote, supposedly calming down. Things are open up again.

But for the last, almost two years, we have been completely stressed out over everything that's going on with this COVID thing. And you're actually helping people with their stress, their emotions, their life through your program. Correct. Very much. Right? So actually I'm just like a little part of it because the horses are doing the work. The horses are my teachers and they are the ones that interact with people in such an incredible way that people are able to relieve stress,

anxiety, fear, and just feel different after they come from a session with us, we do that on a daily basis. I have four horses in Topanga in California and a wonderful, beautiful majestic Lusitanos. And each one comes from a different country, by the way, international crowd, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and France. And they speak every language.

That's why I always say that. Wow. So how did you get started doing this? What made you go? I love horses and I can help other people, you know, understand the value of loving horses as well. It's very simple. It's quite a long story. So I try to keep it as, as short as possible, but really it goes back to my childhood.

I already had have a special relationship with my first pony at four and all through my life. I have noticed that I was very specially connected to these four legged friends. They saved my life, so to speak in numerous occasions and they are now my profound partners in life and my best friends, my soulmates and my teachers. And every single day,

they teach me something new. So everything goes back to childhood through my life, 50, 54 years later. Now I, you know, I've been around them for 54 years. I thought you were only 35. Okay. We'll get into that later. You know, I'm, I'm a pet person. I'm a dog person. I have three they're with me all the time.

Except when I locked the door, you know, kind of like you had to do to keep the horses out, lock the door and do an interview, does having, you know, cause they've calm me down. They come and sit on my lap and calm me down. How does your program help people when they come out to your ranch? I think it is,

they are seeking something new. They're seeking a connection to an animal that they have not been working with before or even in touch with. So that is already like the biggest step for them to do that. Obviously my setting is so beautiful where I am and that's another nature triggers people to come out. But then, you know, when they commit to this program,

that's, that's, that's a huge step forward. And after I would say after like being with me for 15 minutes, they realize already that it is that it is working. So, you know, special thing. Yeah. You're in California. So does it matter the season? I mean, right now it's November, you know, we're going into the holiday season and then winter the,

you like go on hiatus during the colder months or because where you are, you can do this year. Right. I can do it year round. I mean, if it's raining, you know, we had actually closed it down the last three days over the weekend because it was so hot Santa Ana winds and the horses already have winter coats. I mean,

they don't really need the winter coats, but they get it because of the nature cycles. So some days, but when does that ever happen here? You know, most of the time I could say I work all year round, We have been flashing your website. It's been going by, but just in case of people are driving to work or, or listening somewhere on one of the 50 platforms that we're on,

where can they find your program? is my website and Instagram Equine Leadership Program or a Coach Sabine. And this is the best way to contact me. So when somebody calls you up or emails you, or, you know, just reaches out and says, Hey, I want to come out. I want to be a part of your program.

How do I do it? Is it a day? Is it a couple of hours? Do you have to train first? How does that work? Process of, I would suggest 3 sessions. The first one is an hour and a half, and that is the introductory session. It includes the meet and greet the horses. And as soon as I meet the person,

I welcome everybody at the horse entrance gate. And then I, depending on the energy of the person that I feel and the day and the horses, the team up the person was the right horse, 99%. I've been right so far doing that for my intuition. And then, you know, we start to talk about horses. They get to touch them first.

We get the whole introduction about all the important things to be safe around them. And then after that is accomplished, we then take a one horse into the arena or into a round pen. That depends also what the person wants to work on. And then I start doing the aligning work between the person and the horse has to be very quiet. Everything is based on breathing concentration.

And the one beautiful thing is, and this is what I always say. You cannot mislead a full horse. So whoever comes to me has to be ready to say the truth. They don't have to tell it to me, but they will tell it to the horse. Well, I know that, you know, people want to see them. We're live right now.

You guys understand we're going to connect you. So make sure you go check out or go to Sabine's website so you can see videos. You can see interviews, you can see pictures cause it's beautiful. I'm going to go out there. But I do have a question, even though Allen put up our two minute warning, we're going to get this in.

I do have a question. If you've never been on a horse, see, I love horses. I've been on them for years, but if you've never been near a horse, can you still go through your program? That's what it is. Because most people that I've never been around horses. That is how it works. It's not about riding. This is not learning how to ride.

This is all working on the ground, energetic work, connecting to this horse, using their instincts to help us in relieving stress. Did you know that a horse can smell our emotions? So whatever we carry inside us, the stress and anxiety, the minute you're walking in the property to their close proximity, they know what's wrong with you. It's unbelievable.

It really works. It is it's mesmerizing to watch. And that's where we start. And a lot of people, as soon as they align with the horse in, you know, in the sessions, they often start crying and they become very emotional because that transmission of the deepest, deepest, whatever is sitting inside is guarding getting out of there. It's shared with the horse and the horse takes it.

And when it happens, the horse releases a breath and you can really like, see how it, how, how it happens. It's it's beautiful. Very, I know that we did quick [email protected] and is going to cut us off soon, but I hope you'll come back because this was... really Allen. This is a big overview, you know,

I hope Sabine, will come back often and share with us. We're going to show you pictures and videos and all of that. It's amazing. The work that she does. And it's amazing how it's really helping people, just going to find themselves again. I hope you enjoy this episode. I hope you'll come back next time. And as always I'm TGo

I'll talk to you next time. Really, Allen really

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