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Episode 9

Carter and Cool Hindsight HacKing are coming to Expert Talk [email protected]!

Cory Carter is on a mission to serve as many entrepreneurs as possible through their coaching programs, funnels and podcasting. Ron Cool has a true passion for helping entrepreneurs find their voice and create lasting brands.

Together these 2 guys make the Dynamic Duo behind Hindsight Hacking and they're bringing their impacting tips to the [email protected]!

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Hey everybody, welcome to the show. You know where you are? The 9 @ 9 with me TGo. And you know, I love bringing in Experts. We talk about all kinds of fun stuff, and today's no different today. So different, but I got a little bone to pick initially with these two guests that are coming on. See, I'm going to bring up Carter and Cool.

They're There they are we going to talk about this? I'm putting the feet to the fire. You see y'all know me, but let me talk to my friends out there. You know me, I, I don't do surprises my patience level. Isn't there. I started annoying the family about Christmas presents at Thanksgiving. Yeah. We don't do that.

And these young men decided that they were going to put out an ad that had a little corner turnoff thing was coming and I thought, oh, that's cute. That's cute. I'll get an hour. They'll be another corner. No, it was another day. And did they tear the whole thing? No. They teased us, especially the TGo. They teased us for.

What was it like a year? How long did you tease us with that? 13 days. Two weeks. Roughly of fun messing with you. 13 days of torture! And they say, they love me. They say, I'm a Sister from another Mister and Mom, but still, it's so clear. We're doing great things. You guys, we have great things coming in the future.

We're doing mad, drastic things. I messaged them directly and said, okay, don't tell the public. We'll tell your Sis. what's going on. They said, oh, it will be revealed soon. I almost canceled the 9 @ 9 for my day. I want it to reveal soon. I was put the ad up and that was it. Just the little quarter,

not even the whole thing and said in nine minutes, it'll be revealed. Never! Never! Yeah. What's going on Ron and Cory? What's happening. Welcome to the 9 @ 9. Yeah. TGo, thank you so much for having us always a pleasure. I don't think nine minutes is enough for this conversation, but you know, w we'll start teasing. It will rip a little corner off Here.

s something that we tested in:

And then through the mastermind, we actually, we help people. We do some training, we help people. We have hot seats. We have all kinds of stuff in an hour, a week. And so it's a lot of fun, but we had to, we had to actually have fun with the launch with it. Right. And so, I mean,

that, that was the tease that you're referring to. And, and honestly, I I'm, I'm like so happy about the launch more so now, because of your reaction TGo well, what's funny TGo is we literally spelled it backwards with the letters. Y'all Know I'm dyslexic. Don't even try it. You're just being rude. Cause you know, I'm dyslexic.

It was funny. Cause we were gonna start just spelling it. And then we're like, no if we just spell it, they'll get it too quickly. Right. So we, we spelled it backwards, but it was only the first letter of the question that we asked that particular day to get people's attention. But TGo, you know, us,

like we do everything like full force everything's done for you. Like, and so we wanted to create this mastermind where we can help people and simultaneously get them involved with other like-minded people and it's been phenomenal. Okay. So let's, let's be serious for a minute. Cause you know, we got the rudest producer in the planet and we've got about five minutes before he cuts us off from the World.

So let's talk About, cause you just said, you know, we provide everything. We, we help our people. So let's tell him for the 15 people out there that don't know what you do. What is Hindsight HacKing? What do you do? What do you provide? Yeah. Basically anything podcasts like let's start there. If you have an idea that you might want to podcast,

we can help you. We can help you get launched. We can help you hit the charts. We can help you monetize. If you already have 10,000 downloads a week, we can definitely help you. And we can, you know, help it, make it. So basically you just record it, give it to us. We do the rest from promoting it,

publishing all that fun stuff in between. Yeah. Come on Ron. Tell me It is truly, we're here to help impact the impactors period. We want you to focus on being, you go create an impact in the world. Let us deal with all the stuff you don't want to deal with. Anyway, What kind of stuff are you talking? Editing content,

color balancing, which it looks like I should have done it. That, what are You talking about? We do everything but Hair cuts and nails, no. Editing, graphics, funnels, ads. We have a whole content package where people just record their podcast and then we turn it into content. We post on their social medias. We control every little piece of content that you see for a couple of our clients down to the words and the hashtag research.

So literally all they have to do is go worry about their community and go continue making that impact. Okay. So how do they find you? Because you know, like I said, we have like three minutes and he'll cut us off. Even if you haven't told that yet. So how did they find you? Well, you can, you can search Ron and Cory here on any of your social platforms.

We'll be there, but yeah. That's the one we were talking about at the start. If anybody wants to teaser and learn more about that or, we'll find anything that they want that we've been talking about to, for the podcasting stuff. Yeah. See, I'm going to need therapy and I'm sending you the bill because y'all just are rude as all get out.

Now, are we talking about video podcasting, audio podcasts and what are we talking about today? Yes, We, we, we, we do all of it. So we do podcasts. We have a whole vodcast type of program where it's a, it's a video cast. Right. And it helps people that want to get their message out through video as well.

We can do all of it. Yeah. What's that? What about people that are scared. They know, they know they need to do it. Come on. They know they need to do it you know but they're not. From the audio perspective, we have somebody that is actually done very well has multiple Two Comma Club awards with the ClickFunnels community and her and her husband. They record it all on audio, no video at all. And we still are able to make content for them.

We're still able to do all the different things without the video, But it's about to be cut off so scared. You just go and hit record and you get used to it. And you're good to go. So I'm trying to rush the conversation because cut-off mid-sentence. I'm so scared. Alright Ron tell them real quick, the website, again, or You guys are so much fun.

We have a blast every time you come on. And I just had to have you on for the 9 @ 9, just so I can rip you a new one for that teaser. No more teasers for the TGo. I'm telling you, I want a contract that says you're going to hand it over prior to it was great. You guys are amazing marketing people. I love watching all the interviews that you do. Really Allen? Really?

I was just well just trying to compliment my brothers there. Hey everybody. Lets thank Ron and Cory you know Carter and Cool for coming and hanging out Hindsight Hackers. As you know, I thank you for watching. Thank you for tuning in every week. I hope you're here next time. And as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to you next time, Allen. I was in the middle of a sentence. For real? Bye Bye!

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