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Expert Talk [email protected] - Podcast to Broadcast Network PodNationTV....

The [email protected] Fun, Fast and Informative!

TGo has EXACTLY 9 Minutes (between opening and closing credits) to feature Hot Topics, FAQs, SAQs (Should Ask Questions) and Spotlights with Successful Entrepreneurs from around the World before her Producer (Allen Estrada) cuts her off and rolls the credit!

TGo goes in depth about PodNationTV its advantages and power of the Search engine.

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Hey everybody. Good morning. It's nine o'clock and you know what time it is? It's time for the 9 @ 9 was me TGo. And usually I would have a guest on, but my guest had another engagement. So we're going to grab our grumpy producer, Allen. Well, yet there he is. What's up Allen. How you guys doing? So before we even get started,

brother, let me ask you, since you're on the show, does this mean we get to go past 9 @ 9? Cause you're not gonna cut yourself off, right? Nope. Got bills to pay. We still have to stop At 9:09. You just you're rude, man. You're just, you're just rude. So let's talk a little bit, let's talk a little bit about this 9 @ 9 thing,

people are starting to pay attention to it. People are asking us, you know, when can I schedule mine? What can I schedule mine? So we just opened up August yesterday. So people, if you want to be a guest on the 9 @ 9 we're scheduling August right now, we just opened up August yesterday. We got quite a few people out there waiting to get in on the 9 @ 9.

But I want to ask you, how are you feeling about, you know, being rude and crude and just socially unacceptable and cutting off the TGo? Well, this is the best job a guy could ever have, because if you ever want to hang up on your boss, I do it twice a week. That's see that's just wrong. I will take that power away,

man. Cause that is just absolutely wrong. You know, let's give a little bit of history. We talk about this, look at him. He's punching just rude as can be. So, you know, you jumped into this whole broadcasting and, and networking and the entire media thing a couple of years ago because Melissa, our Business partner, my best friend,

your Sister passed away and you, you stepped into her big little shoes and, and, and stepped in as a partner. I want to thank you live for doing it. I didn't know you were going to be so rude when you did it though. I might want to rethink that, but you're really learning and becoming a producer. And now my Nephew,

your Son is, he's doing he's editing our shows. I mean, this has become a true family event. It has, And if he, If he's working for us, he's staying out of trouble. And he's getting really, really good at the job. And he's kind of quiet, but I think that, you know, maybe we get him, we get, you know,

our Associate Producer, Lilo to come on. I think you and I will do most of the talking cause they're both pretty shy, but it would be fun just to watch them sit there and stare at the camera about seven and a half minutes. What do you think? Good luck getting them in front of it. Hey yo, G's out in Oakland and our prayers are going out there because we got a lot of family stuff going on out there and she's out there fighting the fight.

So we're standing behind her and Ann is doing what Ann does. She is the captain of the ship. And she steering us in the right direction right about now I am sure, but I wanted to bring you on and talk about that big thing behind your head. And it's on your chest. PodNation TV. Yes. Yeah, man. We've been working on this for a very long time.

PodNation TV. We've had it. It's a sponsor of the show. People have asked, well, what the heck is it? Blah, blah, blah. And it's an actual network going from Podcast, taking your show from Podcast to Broadcast. And for you guys out there to don't know what we're doing is we're inviting 1,000 one thousand video podcast shows. Now,

before you go, I'm not on video. Get on video before you say you don't have a face for video. Hello, get on video. And we're bringing those shows onto PodNation, PodNation.TV. If you guys want to check it out and we're taking those shows from being podcasts, video podcasts on traditional platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to broadcast status because we're distributed on Roku coming up,

we're going to be doing Amazon fire, Apple TV, you know, we'll do Android TV. We're going to have an iOS app. So it can be out there on people's phones. I mean, this is what PodNation is all about and what we're doing about it. And, and you're kind of the, well, Ann's the captain. So I guess you're kind of the Lieutenant of,

you know, we're a Navy family. We talk in Navy terms. You're kind of the Lieutenant of PodNation and, and people are starting to pay attention. They're having fun out there, right? Yeah. It's been a really good, what has it been? Two, three weeks. Something like that. It hasn't been long coming. PodNation is rolling.

Get in. Now prices are about to go up. Y'all heard the Lieutenant. Yeah. I was a seaman in the Navy. I'm a seaman here. So don't look at me. I have no power, but you, yeah. Prices are going to go up. This is an opportunity. What we're doing is not only are we taking these podcasts to broadcast status,

we're also transcribing and closed captioning every episode on the show. Yeah, our nephew has a lot of work. No, I'm kidding. We're we're doing that through technology, but we're transcribing every episode on the show so that not only can they get higher rankings on the spiders that are out there like Google spiders and search engines, because people may not realize that if you don't have the right description,

if you don't have the right keywords, when Google starts searching through your content and it hits a video wall or a photo, it just marks it as video or photo and keeps it moving. It doesn't, you know, actually take the data that's within that video. So you figure, you know, if you've got a 20 minute video, that's thousands and thousands of words that are never counted towards,

you know, your search engine results and all of that. So that's why we're transcribing and closed captioning. Then on top of that, we have a Hub called the PodNation Hub conveniently. And on that Hub, we are putting all of the content online and people can actually come and type in any word. I typed in the, the other day, I got 10,000 results for the word,

"the" any word that you type into our Hub, if it's Real Estate and you type in Wholesale Real Estate, if you want to know about Swimming and we had a swim coach, you know, have a show on there, then those video results are coming up. Not only are they coming up, but you click on the keyword and the system queues up the video 10 seconds before the word is spoken.

So that way no content gets left behind. For me, I'm at about 150, yeah. 150 plus episodes of Expert Talk. Yeah. I talk a lot. And because of that, the earlier episodes, most people never see them cause they don't go that far back, but they can just go to PodNation TV and they can watch it on the Hub.

And it's a lot of fun. And this man right here, if you're watching on the Hub, Allen can't cut you off. He only cuts me off. He only beats the heck out of me. Yup. You gonna sit there and just look at me really. I can't hear you. Allen you're muted. You muted yourself. That is funny as heck Allen can't say anything.

I love it. It's like divine intervention or something. He cuts me off all the time and he can't do anything cause I can't hear him. Oh, this is fun. What can I tell about Allen? Hmmm. and then he cuts me off really? Really Allen come on. And for some reason I can't even hear closing music. So I want to thank you for watching.

I hope you come back next week. We've got an amazing guest coming up over the next well forever. We're going to be doing this every Tuesday and Thursday. And it was up to Allen. We're going to add another day and as always I'm TGo. And I'll talk to you next time.

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